Monday, 28 November 2011

Advent with the Poor Included

CAFOD Organiser Martin Brown reflects on Advent:
"During advent we prepare for the coming of Christ but many children will be avidly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. The legend of Saint Nick originates from St Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, who was generous in giving gifts to the poor. He was someone who reflected the love of God in a tangible and touchable way, particularly to the poor and the more we know ourselves to be poor, the more amazing it is that God came to live with us and gives Himself to us. The Gift of God for God’s loved ones, the poor included.

At Christmas we give presents and spend time with our loved ones. As Christians we hope that when we show love, people also see the love of God reflected in our actions. This Christmas why not give, or ask for, World Gifts? For 50p you can give the gift of immunising a child. You can give 16 fruit tree saplings (to different people) for £10. Chickens, goats, piglets, ducks and cows - they are all available and more. They can be expressions of your love and the love of God and a gift of love for your loved ones, the poor included."

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