Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bognor Catholics Honour Modern Saints In-Waiting

Shrine for Blesseds Mother Teresa, John Paul II and Cardinal Newman
Bognor parish reports:
"Catholics in Bognor Regis have a new focus of prayer in the church of Our Lady of Sorrows in a chapel set apart in honour of three recently beatified and much admired personalities.

Photographs of Cardinal John Henry Newman, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paul II have been placed in an area of the church that has been largely un-used in recent years. A votive candle stand and a kneeler for private prayer help to make the chapel a popular place of prayer. The photo of Blessed John Paul II was ready in time for his beatification on May 2nd. The completed chapel was blessed on October 8th the eve of Blessed John Henry Newman’s feast day.

Also in the chapel is the candle blessed by Pope Benedict during his visit to England in 2010. The Parish Priest, Father Anthony Churchill said that “Pope John Paul was always keen to put before us models of holiness from our own times. Many of us will have seen or even met both Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul. Others have always had a fascination for Cardinal Newman. I hope that they will help to make holiness seem more accessible.”

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