Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It is Better to Light a Candle…

November is the time that many of us think especially of those that we love but who are no longer with us. It can help us to remember them if we do something positive in their name which will have a lasting impact. For this reason, many people choose to set up a Candlelight Fund with CAFOD.

Just as we light a candle in church in memory of a loved one, donations to a Candlelight Fund can help us gain strength, comfort and hope from knowing that our friend or relative's memory and values live on through their tribute.  

The Funds have no timelines, no targets and no minimum donations. Some people make a regular contribution to their Fund by direct debit. Others make single donations to mark special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Some Funds are personal acts of remembrance by the individual who set it up, while others have contributions from other family members and friends.

However you choose to give, by celebrating one very special life in this way, you reach out to thousands of people in need – a wonderful living memorial.

For more information, contact Beth Brook on 020 7095 5353 or

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