Sunday, 1 January 2012

... And a Happy New Year

CAFOD A&B organiser, Martin Brown writes:
"As we look back on this year we’ll hopefully see many blessings and we’ll also be aware of many hardships. We have seen disasters such as the on-going drought in East Africa, but also extra-ordinary generosity shown in response to it. Though many have suffered, countless others have had their suffering alleviated. And in our own lives too, I’m sure we can see highs and lows. I myself got married this year - a great blessing indeed.

We often make resolutions for the new-year, promises that will improve our lives and those of others. Why not make volunteering for CAFOD your resolution? Share your blessings by helping others in their hardship. We will support and train you where ever this is needed. We need people to work in schools raising awareness of poverty and our work to alleviate it. We need people to help out in our local Churches, or contact their MPs on issues of importance. We need people to pray for our work. For a full list of ways you can help out see our website or contact our office on 01483 898 866 or and let’s try and make this a happy new year for all."

The blog returns for the New Year later this week

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