Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Friday Night Live at Farnham Parish

Nora Tarrant from St Joan of Arc Parish in Farnham reports:
A hundred people attended the recent event to raise funds, not all from St Joan of Arc, so it was a good mixing of communities. There was time to socialise and have a drink from the licensed bar, before a very tasty two-course meal was served.

The Farnham “Arc Band” in full flow
Photo Nora Tarrant
After everyone had eaten, The Arc Band (made up of St. Joan parishioners) performed two sets, mostly of up-tempo numbers, some of their own composition. They rounded off the evening with their version of the crowd pleasing "Hey Jude" which saw everyone up dancing and joining in with the chorus. A parishioner kindly donated lights for the band creating a very professional backdrop

Most of the helpers were teenagers and they gave their time for free. Approximately £1400 was raised, divided between the parish and the charity, Arcaid.

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