Thursday, 12 January 2012

Stations of the Resurrection

Station of the Resurrection - Jesus at the Lakeside of Tiberias
A campaign to encourage churches and religious communities throughout Arundel and Brighton to celebrate the Stations of the Resurrection this Easter Season has been launched by parishioners at St Thomas More, Seaford, East Sussex.

One of the parishioners, Zan Stevenson, a professional artist who has exhibited widely in England, has painted the fourteen Stations, which have already been installed at St Thomas More’s.

Now she is being joined by Mary Purchase and Christopher McOustra in a bid to persuade other parishes in the Diocese to follow their example.

Says Zan Stevenson, “The Resurrection is such a wonderful, joyous reality. It seems a pity we do not give it far more attention than we do.”

Already Zan’s Stations of the Resurrection have been displayed at Arundel Cathedral. They have also been welcomed in churches, cathedrals and religious houses in this country, in France and overseas. Now she and her fellow parishioners want to bring them to the attention of more churches and parishes in Arundel and Brighton.

Zan is offering the full set of fourteen Stations for just £115. She is even offering a 33-per-cent discount on all orders received before Ash Wednesday, February 22 2012.

Proceeds from the sale of The Stations of the Resurrection will be shared between the artist and St Thomas More.

The Stations can be seen at

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