Saturday, 31 March 2012

St John's 'Stained Glass' Display
Joanna Brown reports:
"Recently Bishop Kieran visited St John's Catholic Primary School in Horsham. During his visit he met with children in all classes and talked to them about what it is like to be a Bishop and how the work of the Bishop is different to that of the Parish Priest.

The children had prepared a special liturgy which focussed on some of the parables that Jesus told. Each class at St John's had chosen a different parable, prepared a short piece of drama, song or prayer and added another section to our Stained Glass Window display."

Friday, 30 March 2012

Compѐres beyond compare!

Mandolin Prowess
The Towers Convent School report:
There is clearly no shortage of talent at The Towers! Fundraising for the Cabrini Children’s Society turned out to be an opportunity for some really good fun, laughs and showmanship as we came together for our charity talent show on Friday. The event organised by Senior School Chaplain, Mrs Brenda Green, meant that we were entertained by fabulous musicians, dancers, poetry recitals and comic interludes. Compѐres Phoebe Murphy-Dunn and Georgia Fowler-Burtwell held the proceedings together with humour and energy, putting the judges on the spot and providing plenty of laughter.

Thanks go too, to all the Year 11 girls who worked frantically behind the scenes collecting entrance fees, arranging music cues and counting votes. Quite apart from the wonderful entertainment, the serious business of fundraising was hugely successful too as the show raised £200 for a very good cause.

Congratulations to the Yr 8 group who took second place with their hilarious spoof of High School Musical whilst Mia was a deserving winner with her rendition of Mumford and Sons ‘Winter Winds’ which she sung beautifully as she played the mandolin. Mia took us all by surprise with her very professional and remarkably calm performance. We expect to see much more of her in the next few years. It was a wonderful way to end a busy week."

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Catholic Symposium on Mental Health to Be Held in Leeds

A national Catholic healthcare symposium dedicated to mental health is to be held in Leeds in May this year. Aiming to furnish delegates with a broad exploration of mental health from a Catholic perspective, the symposium is inspired by the often hidden suffering of people with mental illness and is an active response to the Holy Father’s call to prayer:

“I invite you to pray for those with mental health difficulties: that they are not placed on the margins, but treated with respect and lovingly supported as they live their life with dignity."
- Pope Benedict XVI

A continuation of an annual symposium series organised by the Catholic Medical Association (UK), the symposium, entitled, ‘A Light Shines in the Darkness: A Catholic Perspective on Mental Health,’ is under the direction of the Leeds Branch of the organisation. With seminars on topics ranging from stigma to psychotherapy, speakers include Emeritus Professor Peter Gilbert, Sister Margaret Atkins, Ms Trish Gale, Dr Pravin Thevasathan, and Mr Chris Butler.

The symposium is open to healthcare professionals and students as well as anyone interested in a Catholic perspective on Mental Health. It will be held at the Leeds Diocesan Pastoral and Conference Centre, Hinsley Hall, on Saturday, 5th May 2012 and is followed on Sunday, 6th May 2012 by the Annual General Meeting of the Catholic Medical Association (UK) which is open to members of the association only.

Further details of the symposium, including booking arrangements, can be acquired from or by contacting

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Hall for St Joseph's, Redhill - The Work Begins

Fr Chris Gives It Some Welly!
Ann Lardeur reports on the cutting of the first turf by The Nativity of the Lord Parish Moderator, Fr Chris Spain:
Fr. Chris writes in our newsletter - "As I put the spade in I reflected all our buildings – Churches, Halls and Presbytery could do well to carry this sign…

"Lord make the door of this place wide enough to receive all who need human love and fellowship, narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and strife. Make its threshold smooth enough to be no stumbling block to children, the lonely, the vulnerable, nor to straying feet. Make this house a house of prayer and a gateway to your kingdom."

Fr. Chris was supervised by members of our project team and the contractors.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Farnham Parish Ladies Are Skittled!

The Happy Farnham Lady Skittlers
Photo by Mrs. Patsy Clark
 Sheila Thorp from St Joan of Arc Farnham reports:
"All ladies are welcome to come - no age barred!" So, that was it! Twenty nine of us let Patsy Clark know we were going to be there; what we wanted to eat 'with our chips'; and then turned up at the Jolly Farmer pub at Black Nest on the evening of 25th January. We were all looking for the company of friends, heaps of laughter, the fun of knocking down lots of skittles and (in the case of yours truly), a delicious basket of scampi and chips - all for the princely sum of eight pounds!!

Looking around, I saw that some of our ladies were young; some were a little older; and then, there were those of us who were still a tiny bit older again - and qualified as Grandmas, or thereabout! But, my goodness, when it came to having the determination to knock those skittles down, there were no differences between any of us! There were cheers when we heard the whack of the wooden ball crashing down the skittles and commiserations when the ball whizzed past unhindered on its way down the side or through the middle of them.

In the end it was Cathy Arnold who won the prize bottle of champagne, so generously donated by Fr. Niven. The evening had been a huge success - and we can't wait for the next Skittles evening at the Jolly Farmer.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Uganda: Bishop Speaks about True Situation of Lord's Resistance Army

Fides News Agency in Rome reports on a video about Joseph Kony and child soldiers triumphs on the web: the words of the Bishop

Uganda has suddenly become "the center of the world" thanks to the Internet: a video about Joseph Kony, described as "the tyrant of child soldiers" has had over 70 million viewers on Youtube and was released throughout the world through blogs and social media. The documentary, called "Kony 2012" and created by the American NGO "Invisible Children", tells the story of child soldiers in Uganda. Children are recruited by the "Lord's Resistance Army" (LRA), well-known military organization led by Kony who has been fighting against the Ugandan government since 1987. In 25 years, according to the video, the LRA has used over 20,000 children kidnapped from tribes and villages, and exploited boys and girls for prostitution. The International Court of Justice in The Hague wants Joseph Kony for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The documentary has created a media event earthquake, but according to observers, "he tells a half truth because the conflict has diminished considerably in recent years and does not reach the proportions mentioned in the video." According to the local church, the video has the merit of having brought attention to a phenomenon and a war that has created immense suffering to the nation. Commenting on the video, Mgr. Juan José Aguirre, Bishop of Bangassou, said: "I counted every tear of these people and I encourage them not to lose hope. I appeal especially to the many families who have seen their children kidnapped and indoctrinated by force and daughters turned into sex slaves. For many years the Church of Uganda emphasizes this phenomenon, but nothing has happened. Now that the monster has woken up, may God make it disappear forever".

Saturday, 24 March 2012

St John Fisher - New DVD from Marys Dowry Production

DVD Cover
Mary's Dowry Productions tell us:
"This is the first DVD on St. John Fisher, the gentle, devout but immovable Bishop of Rochester who shares a feast day with St. Thomas More. Loved by thousands today for his priestly example, this documentary will not fail to please those who already admire him, and those who perhaps only know scant details of his life.

Presented with a rich and carefully documented corpus of imagery, details and English history, characters such as Lady Margaret Beaufort, Kings Henry VII and Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell and many others make this journey of history, politics and the Catholic Faith in 16th Century England."

Available now worldwide from or or

Friday, 23 March 2012

Pat Hudson - Worthing Man Receives Papal Medal

Bishop Kieran Pins Medal on Pat Hudson
On Sunday 18th March Bishop Kieran Conry of the Catholic Diocese of Arundel & Brighton joined the packed congregation a St Michael’s Catholic Church, Hayling Rise, High Salvington to present a Papal Medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (For the Church and the Pope) to Mr Patrick Hudson.

The Papal Medal was awarded to him for his service nearly 70 years to the local community and to the Church locally and nationally. Pat Hudson began as an altar boy at St Mary’s in Worthing Town Centre aged 9 and still today aged 77 is a Welcomer at 10.30am Mass every Sunday at St Michael’s, High Salvington as well as a Volunteer helping with reading at English Martyr’s Primary School in Goring.

Pat Hudson has done much over the years from being a serving Police Officer, Chair of Governors of English Martyrs Primary School, visiting the sick, organising Pilgrimages to Rome, assisting with the Papal Visit of John Paul II in 1982, and much more. He has also been an active member of the Catholic men’s organisation, the Knights of St Columba. All of this was done without thought of reward and out of love of God and neighbour. All present at the ceremony warmly applauded this well deserved recognition.

Pat said “I am deeply humbled by this award and see it as a being recognition of the work of so many people, not just myself, done out of care and love for our local community and the Church. In particular I must thank my wife Jo-Ann, and my daughters Jane and Nichola who have always supported me in all my activities. I give thanks to God for all I have received in doing what I have done.”

Bishop Kieran was joined by Parish Priest Fr Chris Ingle, family friend Monsignor Michael Jackson and Pat Hudson’s son-in-law Deacon Mark Woods as well as more than 150 friends, family and parishioners. The Bishop thanked Pat Hudson for his hard work over the years and pinned the medal on him as well as presenting him with a beautiful certificate from the Pope.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A&B Priest Takes on CAFOD Water Challenge

Fr Rob Esdaile - Thristing for Change
Fr Rob Esdaile from Our Lady of Lourdes, Thames Ditton in Arundel & Brighton Diocese recently took on the CAFOD challenge of living on 10 litres of water a day - a reality for many in the Developing World. Read his reflection below:
“It’s certainly been an interesting experience. I personally have learnt an awful lot. If you’ve only got 10 litres of water for a whole day (two toilet flushes) you have to think about everything and about your priorities. It’s also a game of consequences: when I had a parish meeting with a dozen people here one night, that 12 mugs of coffee meant I ran out of water at breakfast the following morning. Deciding to wash a bucket-full of clothes also meant using up the rest of my day’s supply – and having to wait till after I’d gone to get some more water before I could rinse them out. And, at the simplest level, try washing your hands or washing up without running water and see what happens. The simplest procedures suddenly become both complicated and time-consuming.

“As for a Christian motivation for doing what I’m doing, you need look no further than Jn 19.28: Jesus said, “I am thirsty.” Wherever people thirst Christ thirsts. And, elsewhere, “if anyone gives so much as a cup of cold water to one of these little ones …” (Mt 10.42)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Invitation to Diocesan Gift Aid AGM

ON SATURDAY 21st APRIL - at St Paul’s Catholic College, Burgess Hill – all Diocesan Coordinators are invited to attend the Gift Aid AGM starting at 2:30pm, followed by Mass with Bishop Kieran and Fr Rick McGrath at 4pm.

Many parish and school Organisers are now using the on-line GiftWise recording system, which is proving highly beneficial to everyone. A second GiftWise Seminar will be at held on the same day at 12 noon – aimed at new and existing users. Not to be missed, a short system overview presentation will be followed by a full Q & A session to address all levels of use.

The AGM helps to keep organisers updated on all Gift Aid matters – this year it includes a special item to highlight opportunities to increase School Governor’s Funds – so we hope that many of our schools will be represented. If your school could do with a boost of funds, come along and find out how Gift Aid helps! The hosts of the AGM, St Paul’s College, is a prime example of how Gift Aid helps fund major items – and primary schools can benefit enormously too. The Diocesan team is always ready to help!

This year a new Gift Aid Handbook will be available for everyone, including a specialised one for GiftWise users. The Handbooks will also be available on the Diocesan website.

Share in the actual experience of setting up a Parish Charity Fund. So, if you are thinking of starting one, come along and find out how it works!

And finally, a special ‘thank you’ buffet for all attendees will be a popular conclusion to the afternoon.

Sue Rickard, Diocesan Gift Aid Coordinator

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Time for the Big Cheese - Helping the Homeless

Cheesy grins from Sandra Deeble of the Cardinal Hume Centre
and Glenn Dearlove from Weybridge parish
In Weybridge Christ the Prince of Peace Parish Justice & Peace group collaborated with Weybridge Catenians to organize a thoroughly enjoyable evening in support of the Cardinal Hume Centre as part of their ‘Big Cheese’ celebration,  marking the 25th Anniversary of the Centre. 

The event took the form of a rather jolly wine-tasting competition and supper. Interestingly, the ladies present far outstripped the gentlemen in their knowledge of wines – now why should that be? As we enjoyed the excellent food and wine in a cozy parish hall, the weather outside was freezing with driving snow – a poignant reminder of the wonderful work the Centre does for the homeless. 

Over £1300 was raised for the Centre – the photograph shows parishioner Glenn Dearlove – who hosted the evening with great aplomb – with Sandra Deeble of the Cardinal Hume Centre.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Arundel & Brighton Celebrates 50 Years of CAFOD's Work

CAFOD celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with a blessing from the Pope, gratitude for all who help in its work and a year of excellent opportunity.

To mark CAFOD's 50th Anniversary, the Pope has given them a special blessing. The blessing says:
"His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI unites himself in thanksgiving with the Trustees, Staff, Collaborators and all associated with the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Year, 1962-2012 and imparts the requested Apostolic Blessing praying that God may continue to bestow His gifts of Faith, Hope and Love."

CAFOD couldn’t exist without the tremendous help it has received from their volunteers and supporters over the past fifty years and what a difference you have made. When CAFOD started 6 out of 10 of the world’s people had no access to clean water. Now it’s less than 2 out of 10. By 2005, 41 million more children received primary education than they did in 1999; and the chance of a child surviving to the age of five had doubled. In 2010 thousands of families lost their homes in the Haiti Earthquake; CAFOD is helping over 150 families move into a new home every single day. None of this could have been achieved without you.

To celebrate 50 Years CAFOD in Arundel & Brighton Diocese is aiming to have 50 events across the Diocese over the course of their 50th year. They will be organizing a few events from their office based at St John's Seminary, Wonersh, but they would love supporters to run one in their Parish, school or with a group of friends. They would be delighted to help you with this and happy to advertise it. It could be a huge event like a talent show, a more modest car washing or a simple coffee and cake morning. Tell them it’s happening and they can add it to their list and if they can get a photo of the event, they will make a separate story on their blog celebrating this support.

Two events well worth attending:
One big event is the Chichester challenge on the 8th July, involving a sponsored walk, run or cycle. Why not join them for a great day out - more details and how you can get involved at There’s a free, (donations welcome), Pentecost retreat on the 26th of May focussed around water and food as symbols of thirsting for change and hungering for justice being hosted by Woldingham school on the Saturday before Pentecost Sunday. Places are limited so please book soon.

Let’s make CAFOD’s 50th anniversary a year to remember – and a year to remember all those in need."

Ian Hamilton - A&B CAFOD Volunteer

Saturday, 17 March 2012

HCPT and Hosanna House Lourdes

Hosanna House, Lourdes
Peter Strode writes:
Hosanna House
The acquisition of Hosanna House, in Bartrès, was a huge leap forward by the Trust. The suggestion was made, by disabled people who had travelled to Lourdes as children with HCPT, that the Trust should purchase land in Lourdes and build a special hostel there, where they could stay. So it was decided in 1972 to form the Hosanna House Trust to achieve this objective.

An attractive site on the outskirts of Lourdes, owned by a descendant of the Soubirous family, became available. However, the costs of purpose-building a hostel were truly alarming and in 1974 it was decided to examine alternatives. Several not very suitable sites were examined, including hotels and some large convents, but it was not until literally the last day of the pilgrimage that the Trustees looked at a small hotel in Bartrès, the Domaine Regina. With minor modifications it was entirely suitable for our purpose, and within budget. So Hosanna House began and the hopes of disabled people from HCPT were finally realised.

Friday, 16 March 2012

How Did the Handicapped Children's Pilgrimage Trust Come About?

Dr Michael Strode (now a Cistercian Monk) with Cardinal O'Brien
Peter Strode writes:
How did HCPT happen?
The story of the Handicapped Children’s Pilgrimage Trust began in 1954. At that time Dr Michael Strode was working at Chailey Heritage Craft School in Sussex, an establishment which was both a hospital and school for children with long term disabilities. Seeing that the Anglican Chaplain had organised a holiday for some of the children Dr Michael wondered whether something similar might be done for the Roman Catholic children. So, in the spirit of ‘not wishing to be outdone,’ he decided to take a group of four boys to Lourdes, aided by his friend Peter Keevney, another member of staff.

The 1954 experiment was a great success, but in 1955 it was decided that the party should join the National School’s Pilgrimage, rather than the diocesan pilgrimage with which they had travelled previously. The little group was noticed by the Bishop leading the pilgrimage, and the following year, 1956, he asked Michael and Peter to extend the scope of their work. This meant taking children from places other than Chailey, appealing for funds, seeking extra helpers and the formation of a Charitable Trust, HCPT.

The Trustees of the newly formed charity were nothing if not adventurous, appealing for funds to take as many as 50 children to Lourdes! Their boldness was rewarded, and in 1957, the year of HCPT’s first official pilgrimage, 43 children accompanied by 28 helpers joined the National School’s Pilgrimage. Today the HCPT Easter pilgrimage numbers around 5000, but through the system of ‘family groups’ it maintains the quality of care and love with which it began.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Catholic Youth Invited to Join the Flame Congress 24 March 2012

Flame Congress is inspired by the events of September 2010 & by what is to come in Summer 2012.

September 2010 saw the historic visit of Pope Benedict XVI with powerful, memorable scenes in the Piazza at Westminster Cathedral, at the Big Assembly, Twickenham, and in Hyde Park. Thousands of young people joyfully celebrating faith and being affirmed in their voice and role in a vibrant Church.

2012 is the year when the Olympics comes to Britain. Pope John Paul II – himself a keen sportsman – wrote magnificently about the relationship between sport and faith. In his name, the Pope John Paul II Foundation for Sport will seek to continue to develop sport within the Church in the months and years following 2012.

These inspirations set the scene for an event where thousands of young Catholics are invited to participate in an event which will offer them the very best of Catholic Youth Ministry in England and Wales: speakers – local and international – who will set their hearts on fire with messages of hope, faith, challenge, justice, and leadership in adversity; music which will be used back in schools and parishes to bring fresh animation and participation in liturgy; a dynamic atmosphere of joy and participation which happens when young people come together in such numbers and are well led, and completely engaged.

All in all, Flame Congress will be an event to ignite young hearts and souls afresh with the joy of the Gospel message; it would be devastating for your young people to miss it! Everything you need to book them in is on these web pages. Early bookings will be cheaper, and seats booked early will be better – bookings are open now!
Book Now »

To find out about youth work in Arundel & Brighton Diocese contact Ray Mooney, Diocesan Youth Adviser

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

End of An Era in Eastbourne

Bishop Kieran with the Sisters
Bishop Kieran Conry of Arundel & Brighton recently celebrated Mass at St Agnes in thanksgiving for the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions’ ministry at Whitley Road. The Sisters' Order has decided to withdraw the community of from Eastbourne. This Mass was an opportunity for both the local parish and the community to give thanks for the many years of dedicated service. Fr Raglan Hay-Wills, parish priest and Fr Séamus Hester, former parish priest concelebrated. There were then refreshments in the hall afterwards were the Sisters were pictured with Bishop Kieran.

The Sisters' website reports:
In July 1977, when the first three sisters of Our Lady of the Missions arrived in 66 Whitely Road, Fr. Sullivan, the parish priest at that time was heard to say, “The coming of the sisters marks the beginning of a new era in our parish and I am sure that they will make a great contribution to our future.”

35 years on, priests, parishioners and sisters came together, on February 26th 2012 to mark the end of an era – the closure of the convent at Whitely Road and the departure of Sisters Anna and Bernardine from the parish of St. Agnes. Down through the years, 36 sisters in all have lived and worked in this parish and Sisters Anna and Bernardine come at the end of a long line of sisters who by their ministry and service have made ‘a great contribution’ to the people of Eastbourne.

While the day was tinged with sadness, it was an opportunity to give thanks for the wonderful things God has accomplished in and through the faithful and generous ministry of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions over 35 years. Bishop Kieran Conry, of Arundel and Brighton celebrated a mass of thanksgiving with us and afterwards all sampled the wonderful buffet prepared by the Social Committee of St. Agnes’ parish.
It is impossible to name all the good works that the sisters have engaged in and the lives they have touched but as members of a missionary Congregation they are truly ‘women with a heart for the world’ who are ready to ‘serve wherever there is a need’.

In the photo are Sr. Cecilia Cleary (PLT member) Sr. Anna Healey (Eastbourne Community) Right Reverend Kieran Conry, (Bishop of Arundel and Brighton) S. Louise Shields (Provincial Leader) and Sr. Bernardine Corcoran (Eastbourne Community) who were among those who attended the function.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Defending Marriage - Pastoral Letter

Below video of the letter sent to all parishes in England and Wales read by Archbishop Vincent Nichols. This letter is to be read or distributed to all parishioners this weekend.

Pastoral Letter on Marriage from Catholic Westminster on Vimeo.

As Archbishop Smith puts it, “Marriage is a fundamental social institution and neither the State nor the Church has the right to redefine its meaning.” He therefore welcomes the formation of a grass roots campaign, ‘Coalition for Marriage’, and encourages us all to sign their petition in support of the traditional meaning of marriage.

Bishop Kieran too urged people to sign the petition. This may be signed online at or for printed copies go to or call 0207 403 7879.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Canon Richard Incledon RIP

Please pray for Canon Richard who died early morning 9th March in the Royal Surrey Hospital. Funeral details to follow.
May he rest in peace.

Canon Richard (left) with Cardinal Cormac in S Maria Sopra Minerva,
Rome for recent celebrations at the English College

Monday, 5 March 2012

Southwick with Portslade Parish gathered for their evening
Southwick with Portslade parish reports:
"On February 11th on a very cold evening about 80 parishioners gathered in our Catholic school Hall for ‘an Italian-themed evening with an Auction of Promises’. We hoped to raise some money for the Diocesan Lourdes Fund appropriately enough.

The evening started with a delicious meal of Lasagne or Mediterranean Pasta for the vegetarians (cooked by Alan, our chef,) before the auction. Dessert was homemade profiteroles made by our 2nd chef Tony. With Bob acting as Auctioneer we had over 40 generous promises and gifts in the catalogue to offer. The range of promises varied amazingly from gardening, a manicure, homemade marmalade, swimming lessons all the way to guitar lessons, Spanish lessons and a car wash. Once the parishioners got the idea there was much hilarity and fun going on and, with Italian music in the background, the atmosphere was very convivial. The fundraising team worked really hard to provide yet another fantastic evening.

As you can see from the photo the hall was decorated in green, white and red with some of the auction lots displayed on a separate table to see. Everyone was warm despite the cold weather.

Almost £800 was raised on the evening."

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Canon Peter Humfrey RIP

He died on 26 February 2012 and Crowborough Parish provides the following information about him:
"Born at Ashtead in Surrey in 1943. Educated at St Peter’s Primary School and St Andrew's Convent, Leatherhead, and the John Fisher School, Purley. He went to Trinity College, Dublin and obtained an M.A. in Classics. He then gained a PGCE at Oxford University and taught in Birmingham and Epsom.

He went on to study for the Priesthood at the Venerable English College, Rome and obtained a Ph.B. and an S.T.L at the Gregorian University, Rome. Ordained priest for the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton at Palazzola, the English College summer residence near Rome, by Bishop Cyril Restieaux on July 15th 1973.

He first served as curate at Epsom 1975-1980. He was subsequently Religious Education Adviser for the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton 1980–1985. He then taught at St John’s Seminary, Wonersh 1985–1986. before becoming Parish Priest at St Mary’s, Crowborough 1985–1995. He was also Chair of Diocesan Liturgy Commission 1988 – 1995. Appointed Episcopal Vicar for Education in 1993 (and served until 1999) and Chapter Canon of the Diocese. Appointed Moderator of the parish of St Joseph, Guildford in July 1995 where he served until July 1999. He was then appointed as Parish Priest to St Bernard's Catholic Community at Lingfield where he served to 2004. He also acted from 1999 to 2004 Peter as the national advisor for catechesis and religious education."

One of Peter's friends writes "Education was Peter’s professional interest, but, firstly Peter was a priest, friend and mentor to so many. We will all remember him as a kind and caring person who never told you what to do, but gently suggested solutions.

He had many interests; music in general, opera especially, he enjoyed travelling to many places usually with a historic theme, but most of all to France where enjoyed many holidays in his house in Gioux. Peter was a dear friend and will be mourned by many.

“Pray for me and I shall pray for you and all your friends that we may merrily meet in heaven” St. Thomas More"

Funeral Details
Wednesday, 14th March 7.30 p.m. Vigil Mass, St. Joseph’s, Eastgate Gardens, Guildford, GU1 4AZ.

Thursday, 15th March 11.30 a.m. Concelebrated Funeral Mass, St. Joseph’s, Eastgate Gardens, Guildford, GU1 4AZ.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A&B Youthgather Planned for September 2012

A&B Diocesan Youth Candle
The Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Youth Service is pleased to announce that YouthGather 2012 will be hosted by St Teresa’s School, Effingham Hill, Surrey on Sunday 30th September. The Youth Service and St. Teresa’s in partnership are looking forward to producing a fantastic day of celebration of Faith, Fun, Friendship and Food.

Please put this event in your diaries. Further details will follow over the coming months.

If you have any thoughts on appropriate charities being beneficiaries of monies raised on this day please notify the youth office as soon as possible on

The criteria for beneficiaries is that the chosen organisations, home or abroad, must support young people and preferably have a link to our diocese.

Friday, 2 March 2012

CAFOD Fast Day

Photo credit Simon Rawles/CAFOD
Congratulations to CAFOD who on this Lent Fast Day celebrate 50 years of existence. Please give generously to the Fast Day this year, especially as the goverment has agreed to match giving to CAFOD this Lent pound for pound.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Golden Jubilee for Seaford Parishioner

Christopher pictured below his gift to the Parish of the Risen Christ
Seaford Parish reports: "A  parishioner at St Thomas More's, Seaford, East Sussex has just  thrown a party to mark the 50th anniversary of his conversion to the  Catholic Church from the Church of England. Christopher McOustra was received into the church on February 10 1962 by Canon Alfonso de Zulueta, Parish Priest at Our Most Holy Redeemer and St Thomas More, Chelsea.

The party - The first time anybody has ever thrown a party to mark the 50th anniversary of their conversion - took place in the church hall after Mass celebrated by the parish priest, Father Paul Jennings. Over 100 people were present.

To mark the occasion, Christopher presented the parish with a wall-mounted figure, The Risen Christ crowned as Priest, Prophet and King, which is now displayed in the church hall.

"For the Church of England I have fond memories and lasting gratitude. There are so many Christian riches in the Anglican Church. Six of my best and dearest friends are Anglicans. But all the Christian riches of the Anglican Church put together cannot match the fullness one finds in full Communion with Rome," he says.

Christopher McOustra has written a book on Catholic Social Teaching, 'Love In The Economy', and has led pilgrimages in honour of Ste Jeanne d'Arc and St Thomas More. He is Co-Promoter of the Stations of the Resurrection in the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton."