Friday, 30 March 2012

Compѐres beyond compare!

Mandolin Prowess
The Towers Convent School report:
There is clearly no shortage of talent at The Towers! Fundraising for the Cabrini Children’s Society turned out to be an opportunity for some really good fun, laughs and showmanship as we came together for our charity talent show on Friday. The event organised by Senior School Chaplain, Mrs Brenda Green, meant that we were entertained by fabulous musicians, dancers, poetry recitals and comic interludes. Compѐres Phoebe Murphy-Dunn and Georgia Fowler-Burtwell held the proceedings together with humour and energy, putting the judges on the spot and providing plenty of laughter.

Thanks go too, to all the Year 11 girls who worked frantically behind the scenes collecting entrance fees, arranging music cues and counting votes. Quite apart from the wonderful entertainment, the serious business of fundraising was hugely successful too as the show raised £200 for a very good cause.

Congratulations to the Yr 8 group who took second place with their hilarious spoof of High School Musical whilst Mia was a deserving winner with her rendition of Mumford and Sons ‘Winter Winds’ which she sung beautifully as she played the mandolin. Mia took us all by surprise with her very professional and remarkably calm performance. We expect to see much more of her in the next few years. It was a wonderful way to end a busy week."

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