Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Farnham Parish Ladies Are Skittled!

The Happy Farnham Lady Skittlers
Photo by Mrs. Patsy Clark
 Sheila Thorp from St Joan of Arc Farnham reports:
"All ladies are welcome to come - no age barred!" So, that was it! Twenty nine of us let Patsy Clark know we were going to be there; what we wanted to eat 'with our chips'; and then turned up at the Jolly Farmer pub at Black Nest on the evening of 25th January. We were all looking for the company of friends, heaps of laughter, the fun of knocking down lots of skittles and (in the case of yours truly), a delicious basket of scampi and chips - all for the princely sum of eight pounds!!

Looking around, I saw that some of our ladies were young; some were a little older; and then, there were those of us who were still a tiny bit older again - and qualified as Grandmas, or thereabout! But, my goodness, when it came to having the determination to knock those skittles down, there were no differences between any of us! There were cheers when we heard the whack of the wooden ball crashing down the skittles and commiserations when the ball whizzed past unhindered on its way down the side or through the middle of them.

In the end it was Cathy Arnold who won the prize bottle of champagne, so generously donated by Fr. Niven. The evening had been a huge success - and we can't wait for the next Skittles evening at the Jolly Farmer.

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