Saturday, 17 March 2012

HCPT and Hosanna House Lourdes

Hosanna House, Lourdes
Peter Strode writes:
Hosanna House
The acquisition of Hosanna House, in Bartrès, was a huge leap forward by the Trust. The suggestion was made, by disabled people who had travelled to Lourdes as children with HCPT, that the Trust should purchase land in Lourdes and build a special hostel there, where they could stay. So it was decided in 1972 to form the Hosanna House Trust to achieve this objective.

An attractive site on the outskirts of Lourdes, owned by a descendant of the Soubirous family, became available. However, the costs of purpose-building a hostel were truly alarming and in 1974 it was decided to examine alternatives. Several not very suitable sites were examined, including hotels and some large convents, but it was not until literally the last day of the pilgrimage that the Trustees looked at a small hotel in Bartrès, the Domaine Regina. With minor modifications it was entirely suitable for our purpose, and within budget. So Hosanna House began and the hopes of disabled people from HCPT were finally realised.

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