Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Time for the Big Cheese - Helping the Homeless

Cheesy grins from Sandra Deeble of the Cardinal Hume Centre
and Glenn Dearlove from Weybridge parish
In Weybridge Christ the Prince of Peace Parish Justice & Peace group collaborated with Weybridge Catenians to organize a thoroughly enjoyable evening in support of the Cardinal Hume Centre as part of their ‘Big Cheese’ celebration,  marking the 25th Anniversary of the Centre. 

The event took the form of a rather jolly wine-tasting competition and supper. Interestingly, the ladies present far outstripped the gentlemen in their knowledge of wines – now why should that be? As we enjoyed the excellent food and wine in a cozy parish hall, the weather outside was freezing with driving snow – a poignant reminder of the wonderful work the Centre does for the homeless. 

Over £1300 was raised for the Centre – the photograph shows parishioner Glenn Dearlove – who hosted the evening with great aplomb – with Sandra Deeble of the Cardinal Hume Centre.

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