Friday, 20 April 2012

150 Year Celebrations Begun for St Mary Magdalen

James McMilan speaking at St Mary Magdalen's
The parish reports:
The 150th Anniversary celebrations for St Mary Magdalen, Brighton got off to a magnificent start with a Solemn Mass on 27th February which is the actual date that the nave of the church was opened 150 years ago. The setting for the Mass was Schubert’s Mass in G and a few additional local singers as well as some young professionals from Oxford joined our choir. Tom Bennett composed a motet, Tu es Petrus, specifically for the occasion. Fr Tim Finigan preached a serious and thought-provoking homily. After the Mass there was a party in the Community Centre which was filled with people enthused by the experience they had all shared.

The church was absolutely packed and the atmosphere joyous and inspiring. The anniversary is seen as a special opportunity for evangelisation and reaching out; parishioners were encouraged to bring friends and it was pleasing to see so many new faces many of whom were not Catholics and some who were atheists or agnostics.

On 9 March James MacMillan, the internationally celebrated Catholic composer who wrote some of the music for the Papal visit came to St Mary Magdalen to give a very challenging talk entitled “The Future of Modernity and the Sacred: A Composer’s Perspective.” This was a great honour for Brighton and the church was full, again with many from outside the parish.

The aim of the celebrations is to reach out to the people of Brighton, to look to the future in the light of the Year of Faith and to think anew about the teachings of the Second Vatican Council.

Future Events: Mgr Andrew Wadsworth 1st May The Future of the Liturgy

Mgr Keith Newton 24th May The Future of Ecumenism

Fr Aidan Nichols OP 7 June The Future of the Church in England

Fr Alexander Sherbrooke 27 June The Future of Evangelisation

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