Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Helping the Christians of Egypt

Brighton Voices in Exile Group
Egyptians have just gone to the polls to elect a new President. We often forget that at least a 20% of the Egyptians are Christians, mainly Coptic Orthodox. Some have been subject to persecution by  resurgent Islamic extremists and are seeking refuge in this country and elsewhere.

Locally in the Diocese, Brighton Voices in Exile, housed in St Mary Magadalen's parish has written  saying " We're experiencing a high demand for our services at the moment with many Copts arriving from Egypt and facing destitution situations. Any support that could be given would be greatly appreciated."

So please not only pray for those refugees and more generally the people of Egypt, but also do what you can to help these refugees by donating on their website.

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  1. Thank you so much for drawing attention to the need among Coptic refugees and immigrants. We're seeing the same flood in all the English-speaking lands of diaspora.

    Please also don't forget those left behind in Egypt--we still have a chance to strengthen the Body of Christ in the area of the Middle East where Christians have the critical population to be salt and light throughout the entire region.

    While offering hospitality to Copts seeking refuge and a better life abroad, consider strengthening Copts in Egypt at the most grassroots level, too: by supporting the orphan and widow among local parishes, through local church-based volunteers.