Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Keeping Faith in a Secular World - Working with Healthcare Workers

Social Action Adviser, Sue O, Brien writes:
"Many of you in the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton are aware of the work we do on behalf of our healthcare workers – people who put themselves on the line every day for those who are sick – doctors, nurses, auxiliaries and care home workers and their administrative and support staff. We take them all for granted all too often, but people who look after us when we are sick face many challenges – pastoral, physical and sometimes ethical ones.

As Social Action adviser I have tried to set up initiatives to support our healthcare workers – the Healthcare Workers’ Mass is an annual event, and each year the numbers grow a little bit more as people come to hear about the Mass which will be celebrated by Bishop Kieran this year at The Friary, Crawley, on Saturday 24th November at 12.15. We also hold forums for people who work in healthcare settings to come and discuss those things that are particularly pertinent to them.

Doing this work I am fortunate in having a very enthusiastic inspiration from Dr. Aloysius Amaladoss who many of you will know from this Diocese. He has secured a wonderful speaker for us to come to the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows, Bognor Regis – Fr Alexander Lucie Smith (who I am sure many of you will have read in The Tablet and elsewhere) will be talking to us on the theme “Keeping the Faith in a Secular World”. As Christians we can so often come across challenges to our faith in our secularising world and sometimes we have to ask ourselves the question “If I were accused of being a Christian, would the evidence convict me?” The date is Saturday 14th July from 2pm-5pm.

This is a theme of such importance to us all that we are opening this forum up to everyone – if you think you would like to come, or you would like more information please contact me by email to register your interest Susan.Obrien@dabnet.org or my secretary Ruth Gerun Ruth.Gerun@dabnet.org (telephone number 01293 651161."


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