Friday, 29 June 2012

Seaford Catholics and the New Evangelisation

Sharing the Good News
Carmel Keller, Parish Pastoral Assistant at St Thomas More RC Church, Seaford reports:
St Thomas More came together with 6 of the churches in Seaford to provide a vibrant and welcome prayer space at the town's Jubilee celebrations. Despite some very blustery weather, the two huge marquees stayed in place and many people came to place prayer requests at the foot of the cross, in boxes and as leaves on the wonderful prayer tree whilst others joined the team for personal prayer.

The Christian community in Seaford showed a united initiative to offer prayers both during the day and on the following Sunday for all those who had asked for them. In addition to church literature and prayer cards being scooped up, we were able to chat with local families and give out 600 free copies of the New Testament to passers by; they were so popular that we could have doubled that figure!

In response to Pentecost and the call for New Evangelisation at the Diocesan Crossing the Threshold meetings, we have developed a Welcome Pack for newcomers and those who tentatively call in after being distanced from the church for a while. The pack presents our Parish Story, offers our Parish Prayer and a beautiful blessing as a book mark and includes a booklet outlining the active prayer and service our parishioners offer as a response to God's love.

The Diocese of East Anglia gave kind permission for us to adapt their 'Coming Home' leaflet which is both in the pack and being delivered to a number of homes across the town. The packs and leaflets have been disappearing as quickly as they are put out! The booklet and prayer cards were also taken home by parishioners at Pentecost both as a source for accessing help and support, and to encourage people that their parish is alive, active and happy to explore further individual commitment to the parish and town community.


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  1. It's nice to see the communal spirit of Seaford is holding up well :)