Monday, 27 August 2012

Another Happy Birthday

Ania Botwin at her 100th Birthday Celebration
St Joan of Arc parish, Farnham reports:
"Ania Botwin, parishioner of St Joan of Arc church in Farnham, celebrated her 100th birthday on 6 August. Mass was offered for Ania’s intentions on Sunday 5th August and the congregation joined her and her family for a celebratory drink and cake afterwards.

Ania was born in southern Poland. She was educated at 2 convent schools, studied piano for 2 years at Krakow Conservatoire and then History and Philosophy at Krakow University. The 2nd World War broke out a year after she married and she had many terrifying experiences as she and her baby son fled German and then Russian aggression. She lived through the brutal Warsaw Uprising in 1944 and finally came to the UK as a refugee in 1947.
She still lives independently, and enjoys the company of her family and her many friends."

Many congratulations!

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