Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Catenian raise £100,000 for A&B Lourdes Pilgrimage Trust

Lourdes helper with a VIP in wheelchair
Some A&B Catenians report: Father Teodora Fontanari was the priest in charge the Church of the Sacred Heart in Sunningdale for 30 years. In 1989 Fr Fontanari (Fonti) and Barry Dunn, a Catenian and parishioner, investigated the possibility of forming a Catenian Circle in Sunningdale. In 1991 the Ascot & Sunningdale Circle was inaugurated. In 1996, Fr Fonti died, In 1997,

The Father Fonti Pilgrimage Trust wasestablished under the stewardship if the Ascot & Sunningdale Catenian Circle. The objective of the trust was to send sick and needy children to Lourdes. By early 2012, the trust had raised over £100,000.

Each year, funds are raised through appeals in local churches and a range of events are held. One event was a charity dinner, with the guest of honour being Ann Widdecome MP, former cabinet member and now author.

Lady Sarah Clutton, The Arundel and Brighton Pilgrimage co-ordinator wrote, “ It is amazing to think how many children have benefited from the Pilgrimage, which is due to your generosity. I am sure I write also on behalf of all the families of the children you have sponsored to say a huge thank you”.

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