Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Great Kenyan Food at Sutton Park

Sutton Park parishioners eat Kenyan Meal
Rosemary Keenan from St Edward the Confessor parish, Sutton Park near Guildford reports: Sr Lydia & Sr Monica, Benedictine Sisters of Our Lady of Grace and Compassion,  gave a Kenyan Cookery Class and Meal at St Edward the Confessor parish in Sutton Park. 22 people sat down to enjoy Kuku (a vegetable stew), Matoke (savoury plantains), Sukuma Wiki (a dish based on Kale), Ugali (corn meal), Wali Wa Kunde (black eye beans and rice) and Spicy Nut and N’dizi, (bananas). The parish had adopted the Sisters’ project for the elderly in Mundika, Kenya as their Lenten project. The meal was a final drive to raise funds and generated an additional £400 for their work.

After the cookery class parishioners attended Mass at which the bidding prayers had been contributed by the sisters’ community in Kenya. Photos had also been exchanged between the parish and the Kenyan Community.

Terence Nagle, a parishioner commented, “The cookery class, followed by the Mass and delicious Kenyan meal, was an excellent way to raise awareness of Kenyan culture and the needs of the elderly poor in that country”. Karen Pierre, Rosemary Keenan and Angela Vickerman who helped the sisters all agreed that they had learnt a great deal from the sisters’ culinary skills and were greatly impressed by their ability to talk about Kenyan life and the work of their community through food.

Fr. Brian Taylor at St Edward the Confessor parish said, “The Benedictine Sisters and all those with whom they work, are filled with a happiness that spreads wherever they go. The meal was certainly a happy event."

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