Friday, 21 September 2012

Another Fairtrade Schools - St Peter's, East Grinstead

St Peter
Congratulations to St Peter's Catholic Primary School in East Grinstead for achieving Fairtrade status.  There are over 500 Fairtrade schools in the UK but St Peter’s is the first one in East Grinstead

In the past five years St Peter's has promoted Fairtrade goods within the school and wider community by participating in Fairtrade Fortnight, having Fairtrade assemblies, selling Fairtrade goods at school events, holding a monthly stall after school and learning about how farmers and producers in developing countries are paid a fair wage for what they produce. When trade prices fluctuate farmers are guaranteed a steady income. Furthermore, a small premium on Fairtrade goods means that the farming community as a whole benefits, funding the building of schools, medical centres etc.  

News about Fairtrade goods and activities are included in a termly publication “Eco-News”. Fairtrade bananas are provided for playtime snacks and the school uses Fairtrade tea and coffee in the staffroom and at school events.

The school's mission statement is “Treat others as you would like to be treated” and being a Fairtrade school is part and parcel of this important message.

To become a Fairtrade School you simply need to meet five goals which can be found at:  

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