Friday, 7 September 2012

Back to School

Most of our Catholic Schools are now back business. We wish all students the best of luck in the coming year, especially those preparing from exams.

Catholic School Students
The picture shows staff and students from St John the Baptist Catholic School (SJB) in Woking who last year put ‘Faith into Action’ when SJB students decided to adopt the ‘Friends of Chernobyl’s Children’ and fundraise for them vigorously, as part of our annual Lenten Fundraising, both at school and out of school.

As a result of the generosity of the entire school community and particularly our students in raising £ 13,500 over just 5 weeks in Lent, we have been able to support 6 out of the 12 children who come over to the UK from Mogilev, Belarus each year. This is a trip that increases their life span quite substantially given they are able to breathe cleaner air in our environment than the atmosphere they have to live with following the Chernobyl reactor disaster.

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