Saturday, 29 September 2012

Contraception and IVF: What’s the problem? What’s the alternative”

Day on Contraception and IVF on Saturday 6th October 11am to 3.45pm at Christ the Prince of Peace, Portmore Way, Weybridge KT13 8JD

In Humanae Vitae Pope Paul VI called the development of reliable, natural means to regulate family size. In response a method has been developed which, carefully implemented, allows couples to know with very high confidence if any given day is fertile. The insights offered by this research have also been successfully applied to treat infertility.

The Weybridge parish are offering related, evidence-based talks from two guest experts. These will review the impact of artificial contraception and explain and demonstrate the benefits of the family planning and help with infertility and recurrent miscarriage through natural methods.

Please bring a packed lunch.

For further information go to or contact Pauline Gately: 01932 852759 or

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