Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Do some Smart Loving - Supporting Marriage

Have a look at the newly rebranded site of SmartLoving who have a Marriage Seminar coming up in UK in November. They also offer information on Natural Fertility planning and much more.

SmartLoving (Formerly known as CelebrateLove) PMRC in Australia, the authors of CelebrateLove, has recently celebrated 20 years of their marriage enrichment seminar by rebranding, in response to feedback from couples wherever it is being used.

CelebrateLove will now be known as SmartLoving Marriage
Engage will now be known as SmartLoving Engaged
PMRC will now be known as The Marriage Resource Centre

Content and format of CelebrateLove and Engage remains unchanged, it’s simply that the name and image has been updated.
The Marriage Resource Centre website will be helpful to facilitators, marriage educators and clergy. Scroll down the homepage of to see the wealth of information and resources available. has regular blogs, course details, resources for purchase and a free e-book.

Visit the website, and
o download your free e-book
o comment on some posts
o give the posts you read a ‘star’ rating by clicking 1-5 stars

Friend/follow/like them on whatever social media you have: Search for SmartLovingMRC
o Facebook:
o Twitter:!/SmartLovingMRC
o Pinterest:
o Google+: coming soon
o YouTube: coming soon

Please spread the word about the rebranding and website.

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