Monday, 1 October 2012

God Lights the Way - CAFOD Harvest Fast Day

CAFOD Harvest Fast Day
As CAFOD Harvest Fast Day approaches, Martin Brown, CAFOD Diocesan Manager reflects on what inspires him:
My first memory of CAFOD was walking across my primary school hall to put 3p into the CAFOD box. We had probably had an assembly and were asked to help the poor people. It was pretty simple but I think the idea that people didn’t have enough food or water was enough to move me to prioritise helping them over buying some more football stickers. A small flame of ‘care for the poor’ was lit within me. At university I discovered prayer such as Lectio Divina, the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius and daily Mass and the flame came alive. I came into relationship with Jesus who cared passionately for people, especially for those who were poor or outcasts. I knew in some simple way I was meant to join him in this work. I was later introduced to the Sion Community and evangelism - the sharing of the good news of our faith - and the work of the Holy Spirit, both of which are simply vital for our Church.

Life isn’t as simple as it was for me when I was seven years old. I realise that the flame isn’t my care for the poor, but God’s own love which has carved out a space within me. I realise I have some duty of care to that flame; Put simply, I am to allow it to grow amid the complexities of life and I am to try to make sure the love God has for the poor is reflected in my own life. Thank you to all those who do the same.

What lit your flame?

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