Tuesday, 13 November 2012

CAFOD Launches New Hungry for Change Campaign

CAFOD Hungry for Change Campaigners in front of Westminster Cathedral
Photo credit: Nikola Ivanovski/ CAFOD
CAFOD reports that:
"On 10 November, 250 campaigners joined in an unseasonal picnic - complete with checked rugs, picnic hampers and a giant loaf and fish - outside Westminster Cathedral to raise awareness about CAFOD’s new Hungry for change campaign.

The picnic was the centrepiece of a whole day of activities, including food for thought from speakers and workshops, a pop-up exhibition of previous campaigns, worship and the first viewing of a new animation explaining the food system – all of which left people with an appetite for action.

Father Joe Komakoma shared stories from his native Zambia showing how, despite the country’s relative economic success, many small-scale farmers were struggling to survive and climate change was making it harder for families to grow enough food to eat and sell.

Theologian David McLoughlin encouraged us to read the Lord’s Prayer in the context of a society where people were indebted, went hungry and lived under foreign occupation.

Head of campaigns Clare Lyons urged campaigners to remember the impact of “quiet moments” as well as big events, getting a huge show of hands from those who had contacted their MPs, spoken at Mass or talked to their friends about CAFOD’s campaigns, as well as from those who had joined marches.

She said “We were delighted to see so many people with such a wealth of enthusiasm and experience. We’ve all learnt so much from each other. Now the real work starts, getting the message out that it’s a scandal that millions of people go hungry in a world which provides enough food for all. Through campaigning, we can all do something about this. So what are you waiting for?”

The Hungry for change campaign draws inspiration from Jesus’ feeding of five thousand people with five loaves and two fish and from the belief that our hunger for change, in solidarity with our neighbours and through the grace of God, can transform our world."

Also present were many campaigners from Arundel & Brighton Diocese including Diocesan Justice & Peace Adviser, David Thomson and CAFOD Diocesan Manager, Martin Brown. They have all come back from the day enthusiastic to promote to parishes and get everybody involved in making sure there is enough food for everyone's need.

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