Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Follow Yonder Star - Arundel Cathedral Festival

Arundel Cathedral will be hosting its annual Advent Art Festival from Friday 14th December 2012 till 6th January 2013and this year the theme will be 'Following Yonder Star'.

The purpose of the Festival is to celebrate, through art, the groups which contribute to our community and make it the special place it is, whilst at the same time offering the public the opportunity to enjoy a visual feast in the lead up to and during Christmas.

This year's artwork is brought to you by a whole host of different groups including local schools, parish groups, and organisations like the NSPCC and the Enable Me Project to name just a few. Illustrations, paintings, 3D models, textiles and even video installations will adorn the pillars, floor and walls of the Cathedral and promise visitors a unique and heart-warming experience.

As part of the festival, free competitions around the artworks will also be run for children to win prizes each Sunday. Entry to the festival is free, donations welcome.

For more information contact: Hannah, Assistant Festival Coordinator - t: 07894 949861; e:

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