Monday, 26 November 2012

Surrey Churches Preservation Trust Sponsored Ride and Stride

Rosemary and Peter with Fr Peter
Taking part in their fifth Surrey Churches Preservation Trust Sponsored Stride and Bike Ride, Rosemary Keenan and Peter Ward raised £624 by visiting 22 churches. Their own parish of St Edward the Confessor in Sutton Park, receives fifty percent of the amount raised.

This year Peter and Rosemary were delighted to meet Fr Peter Andrews who had just completed baptising three small infants at St Dunstan’s catholic church in Woking. Rosemary comments that, “One of the interesting aspects of the cycle ride is visiting so many churches and seeing aspects of parish life but this was the first time we had arrived at a church to witness the reception of new members into the faith.”

Amongst some of the different places of worship visited by Rosemary and Peter were: Catholic, Church of England, Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical, Quaker, and Salvation Army.

The Surrey Churches Preservation Trust makes grants available to churches in need of preservation and fifty percent of funds raised by cyclists and walkers go to the parish from which they come. For details about taking part in the Ride and Stride next year visit or phone Hamish Donaldson 01428 644473. For details of contacts in other counties visit

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  1. Annie, sorry this is off post but could you help me please. I am trying to find a (traditional) priest who will make a monthly home visit to take the sacraments to an elderly relative in the Haywards Heath region.
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