Friday, 30 November 2012

Swifter, higher, Stronger - Song for Towers Convent

Pictured - Maisey with her father Matt Redman and Johnny Bird
The Towers School, Upper Bedding reports:
Not many schools can boast that there has been a song written for them to support their theme for the term but The Towers is delighted that this is what happened for them. The theme chosen by Year 11 girls for this term is 'Swifter, Higher, Stronger' so imagine our delight when Maisey in Year 8 announced that her father Matt Redman had written a song especially for the theme and that he would come in and teach it to the girls.

There was great excitement as he did a few warm up songs including the Jessie J song 'price tag' before he taught the Senior girls to sing his song. They sang with great gusto accompanied by Matt on his guitar and Johnny Bird playing the keyboard. He also told them a little about how he became the Christian song-writer. This certainly proved to be an uplifting start to our day.

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