Monday, 7 January 2013

Five Years of the The Thomas More Legal Centre

On 1st September 2007 a group met in London to consider the formation of an organisation to provide Legal advice and representation to individuals whose religious freedom was threatened by employers or Government. The initial impetus was the coming into force of the Sexual Orientation Regulations which were to ultimately lead to the closure of the Catholic Adoption Agencies.

Following that meeting the Thomas More Legal Centre (TMLC) was created with Mr Richard Kornicky CBE as Chairman and Neil Addison, Barrister as Director and on 7th January 2008 TMLC was officially registered as a Charity and began operations. On 7th January 2013 TMLC celebrates its 5th Anniversary. In those Five years it has developed a particular expertise in the Pro Life area and this article is a review of some of the main cases TMLC has been involved in over that period. Many of the names of those we have represented are kept confidential because TMLC has always tried to deal with cases through negotiation and where cases involve employees who are carrying on being employed avoiding undue publicity helps to ensure that there are still good relationships at work. The disadvantage for TMLC is that this reduces the publicity we can achieve for our work but it has also meant that overall we have been more successful than other more publicised organisations. A lot of our work has involved giving general legal advice and support at an early stage which has helped to prevent situations developing into cases

In the next few years we expect to be increasingly involved in defending the rights of pro-life groups to operate and express their views in Universities where Students Unions are increasingly adopting “pro choice” policies and then attempting to silence pro-life groups on the basis that they are “contrary to student union policy”. We also expect to see increasing intolerance of pro-life medical staff as part of what appears to be a systematic attempt by the NHS to minimise the right to Conscientious Objection in the Abortion Act. The effect of Same Sex marriage on the rights of Christian organisations and individuals to express their views and act in accordance with their conscience is also likely to come under increasing pressure.

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