Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fr Enda RIP and the Sistine Chapel in Goring

R-L: Fr Enda Naughton and Gary Bevans below the Sistine Chapel Ceiling
at English Martyrs in Goring, West Sussex
Fr Enda Naughton who died recently was the inspiration for the production of West Sussex's own Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Following at trip to Rome, when Fr Enda was parish priest of English Martyrs, Goring-by-Sea, he encouraged local sign writer and parishioner, Gary Bevans to create a reproduction of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling from the Vatican on the ceiling of the parish church. This he did and it can still be seen to this day, indeed there are regular coach trips to visit the church and its ceiling.
Fr Enda left a further legacy when he encouraged the same Gary Bevans to train for the diaconate. Several years later Gary was ordained as a deacon for the parish.
Fr Enda will be long remembered in Goring for the legacy he left. May he rest in peace.

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