Monday, 4 February 2013

A Last Farewell to Arundel

Mr Pat Hudson gives his famous tour of Arundel Cathedral to Year 5
Year 5 from English Martyrs School Worthing report on their trip to Arundel:
Although this was a great occasion it was also rather sad too, for all the current and past year 5 pupils at English Martyrs Primary in Worthing. This is because Arundel Youth Hostel has finally closed. The year 5’s have been staying in the youth hostel on residentials for over 15 years and are absolutely devastated at this sad news. The next year 5’s will struggle to find a place just as idyllic as the youth hostel.

Beth aged 9 says “I am so glad I stayed at the youth hostel, It was amazing .” William from year 4 says “I wish I could go to Arundel youth hostel. It’s not fair!’

John Joe aged 9 says “ It’s such a shame that next year’s year 5’s can’t go there. I just hope they find a place just as great.”

During their residential stay, they had a busy schedule of activities. They visited Arundel Castle, the WWT Arundel Wetland Centre and Arundel Cathedral. But this was only possible because it was in walking distance from the youth hostel (no coasts for expensive coaches) Mr Hudson kindly gave us a tour; he’s been doing this for Yr5 English Martyrs for the last 10yrs.

The weather was extremely wet, which meant that our walk along the Arun River was a bit-of-a-challenge. It was soooooooo slippery and muddy (not to mention the cowpats too). Our boots were caked in mud, which was a bit of a problem when we were visiting special places in Arundel. In fact we needed to take our boots off before we could enter the Cathedral. 

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