Thursday, 21 February 2013

Real Easter Eggs

Churches, schools and individuals are being asked to change a life by giving a Real Easter Egg this year.

Out of the 80 million chocolate Easter eggs sold each year in the UK, The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate egg to explain the meaning of Easter and it remains a unique way to share the Easter story.

This year the Real Easter Egg has a free activity pack in the box which includes the Easter story, activity poster, free i-tune download and a sticker set. The resurrection text from Mark can also be found inside the lid along with the greeting ‘Happy Easter!’

The Real Easter Egg is now in its third year of production with more than 200,000 sold so far. Last year stories began to emerge of people whose life had been changed after being given a Real Easter Egg.

A charity worker, from the North of England, said; “The first time I visited clients, half way through the visit the bailiffs arrived and they were really scared….we had a long chat about Easter after I’d taken a Real Easter Egg for the boys. Both of them went to church this Sunday and were given a Bible. The mum sent a really lovely text after the visit saying she was sure God had sent us.”

A grandmother from Oxfordshire gave an egg and explained; “Tracy saw the book that was included in The Real Easter Egg and wanted her mum to read the story to her… The following week Tracy attended Sunday School.”

But it is not only at home that lives have been transformed, with each sale of The Real Easter Egg a donation is made to Traidcraft Exchange to support some of the poorest farmers in the world - over £40,000 has been donated so far. A Fairtrade Premium is also paid to farmers allowing them to invest in their community buying everything, from school books and solar panels, to providing fresh water supplies.

Last year churches across the UK joined the campaign to establish the first religious Easter Egg. Congregations promoted the egg, put sign-up lists in church, took orders, money and placed a direct order. More than 90,000 eggs were delivered through the post to churches in this way. Each Real Easter Egg costs £3.99 for a 125g milk chocolate egg and incudes the free activity pack in the box and a 15 pence donation to Traidcraft Exchange. 

The buying options are below:
· Church and school bulk orders – if ordering 6 or more eggs then either visit the official online shop at (order by 14th February 2013 and get free delivery), or buy through your Traidcraft Fair-trader or contact one of the independent shops listed on the check the How to Buy section at 
· Pick up one or two eggs while supermarket shopping – you will only find 12 eggs on supermarket shelves at any one time. Check the How to Buy section at to see which supermarkets, if any, are stocking the egg
· For individual orders check the How to Buy section at and pay by debit or creditcard.

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