Friday, 15 March 2013

Bishop Kieran Welcomes Pope Francis with Joy

Bishop Kieran in a parish
©Diocese Arundel & Brighton
Bishop Kieran reflects on the election of Pope Francis:
"Even the media people in St Peter’s Square seemed to be infected by the joy that greeted the appearance of Pope Francis, and there is a mood of hope and encouragement across the church and the world.

It is proposed that next Tuesday, the day of his inauguration and the Feast of St Joseph, we make it a ‘Day of Joy’. We have ‘awareness weeks’ for all sorts of things, so why not just one day of joy? Bake a cake for someone, ring your mother, give the children a treat, send a card to your priest, bring flowers home – do something to bring joy to someone and express the joy of the church. And pray for Pope Francis. There is a hope that he can re-build the Church as his namesake did, to put it back on track and restore our pride in being Catholic.

The media have been fascinated by how modestly this man has lived, this son of a railway worker who travelled by public transport and cooked his own meals. Those days are gone for him, but let us hope that our modern world can hear that call to live more simply and modestly. This has been a very timely papal election."

Also listen to Bishop Kieran on Sunday morning on BBC Sussex/Surrey at 8.10am and read his statement on behalf of the Bishops' Conference here

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  1. Paul O'Sullivan18 March 2013 at 21:09

    A Day of Joy indeed and our new Pope Francis, who is already winning our hearts, has the firm foundation of his predecessor Pope Benedict's sublime pontificate on which to build. In all the joyful celebration let us not forget our beloved Pope Emeritus: his humility; his beautiful, lucid teaching and re-enriching of the Liturgy which have nourished our hearts with the mysteries of the faith and the all invading presence of God; and his quiet courage both before and during his pontificate in tackling the abuse crisis - to name but a few of the blessings he brought us. Thank you Lord.