Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rediscovering your Marriage - A Lifetime of Love

Phil, Rita and Fr Andy from the Marriage Encounter Team
Marriage Encounter write and ask:
"Is your marriage important to you and your family? Would you like more joy and romance, more fun & laughter, to be happier and closer as a couple, a lifelong adventure together?

A Marriage Encounter Weekend enables deep communication between couples, no matter the length of marriage and teaches a way of enriching their couple life, it is a unique way for you to revitalise your marriage away from the distractions, tensions, and routine of everyday life. Marriage Encounter Weekends are also open to Priests and religious who want to renew the relationship they have with their people.

The vision of Marriage Encounter is to help couples discover ever more deeply the meaning of their love for each other and their commitment to each other. It's a way to help us to focus on God's plan for our marriage, especially when we are being bombarded with different values and ideas from the world around us in which we live.

Married love is a privileged sharing in God's love – not just for the sake of the couple, but for the Church and the world. Today there is a tendency to devalue marriage to a merely human relationship subject to the ups and downs of daily life.

Our deepest desire as married men and women is to live united in loving affection and mutual respect, and although we all start off with great hopes and ideals, for many of us the routine of daily life and our weakness as individuals, soon exacts a toll on our relationship. Little things begin to niggle and before we know it, our lives are travelling on parallel, if not diverging lines, when we want to move together in the same direction.

A Marriage Encounter Weekend provides us with an opportunity to recognise how our romantic ideals can turn into disillusionment, but then we are shown how, by making a decision to love, we can rediscover and deepen the joy of our loving relationships.

To find out more about how Marriage Encounter can help enrich your married relationship please go to our Website:, where you can find testimonies of couples who have discovered new joy and satisfaction after the experience of a Marriage Encounter Weekend (or try: Details of future weekends and how to book can also be found there. Or phone 01538 385801.

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