Monday, 22 April 2013

Diocese Looks to Gift Aid Banking on the Internet

The Diocesan Gift Aid team write:
"IF HIS HOLINESS can twitter, the Diocesan Gift Aid team can lead all parish and school Gift Aid organisers into the merits of Internet Banking. This will soon become a reality - enabling the transfer of standing order donation details electronically, from parish or school bank accounts straight into the on-line GiftWise system.

While most readers of this article will lose the plot at this point and find this an excellent moment to get up and make a cup of tea, this initiative will save a group of our Diocesan family considerable time. Gift Aid organisers are being invited to learn more about this ground-breaking initiative at this year’s AGM to be held at St Paul’s Catholic College, Burgess Hill on Saturday 27th April.

The day starts with a GiftWise seminar at noon, at which the Diocesan team will give hands-on demonstrations of how this user-friendly system works. It’s a time to ask those awkward questions organisers are often too embarrassed to ask over the phone or via the internet.

The AGM itself will start at 2.30 pm in the College’s main hall, followed by Mass at 4 pm celebrated by Bishop Kieran with the assistance of Fr Rick from Burgess Hill. The day will conclude with a ‘thank-you’ supper for all the hard working organisers.

Let’s face it – the subject of Gift Aid will never set the world alight, but look a bit closer at the statistics. So far this financial year, Gift Aid has been claimed on over £4.7m of your donations, resulting in £1.2m being reclaimed from the Treasury. Still not impressed?"

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