Thursday, 16 May 2013

Farnham Parish Brazilian Night

Ready for Rio
The St Polycarp's School Hall looked like the rainforests of Brazil with trees and tall plants all around and jungle creepers across the ceiling. At 6pm, members of Samba bands from Dorking and Horsham were drumming a Brazilian beat to welcome the 60 or so participants to the workshop and within minutes, they were all swaying from side to side with an instrument in their hands and a beam on their face.

Some people made use of the earplugs provided and chatting was impossible, but by half past six, the newly formed band of 60 were ready to parade from the hall to the front of the church of St Joan of Arc, Farnham and back making a noise that wasn't too uncomfortable!

At 7pm the evening guests arrived and participated in a party to remember with pineapple cocktails, salsa dancing, flashing lights and delicious food. At the last count, £2,100 was raised for the group (see many of them pictured) travelling to Rio for the World Youth Day.


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