Saturday, 29 June 2013

Helping People to be Good Parents

Louise Kairns with Sr Mary
We all know that being a parent is never easy, but there is some help at hand in the Bognor parish of Our Lady of Sorrows. There Sister Mary Ghent OSM offers a course to mums and dads, helping them to develop skills that will enable them to become more confident parents. The eight week course is based on the Parenting Training Course (P.E.T.) developed by Dr Thomas Gordon, the aim of which is to learn how to build better child/parent relationships that will lead to happier families with well-adjusted children who will become responsible and caring adults. With the help of a parishioner Mrs Louise Kairns who has herself be a previous participant, Sister Mary runs the course at Villa Maria Convent in the parish.

At the end of the Spring Term eight mums and dads received their certificates, presented by Fr Peter Finch, showing they had completed the course successfully. In feed-back from the parents, the general feeling of the group was that they were glad to have taken part. Besides learning some helpful skills they also made new friends and gained support and encouragement by sharing with each other their common difficulties, finding solutions to them together.

One parent said ‘It is great to talk through real live experiences and situations, learning new solutions and insights from each other’. Another said ‘It it is good to know that I am not alone, and the difficulties I have with my children are common to most parents.’ With help and support from Sr. Mary, Louise Kairns has begun to work towards training as a P.E.T. instructor and it is hoped that other parents will be encouraged to do the same. Sr. Mary’s dream is that there should be enough instructors to help many more parents develop better parenting skills.

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