Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Meal to Remember

For any years the Community of Christ the King, Steyning have tithed their income. Over the years various charities have been supported. For the past few years we have been supporting the Shepherds’ Field YMCA in Bethlehem. This came about as two members of our congregation were involved in working with this community and appealed to us for help. As a ‘thank you’ for our help and to keep us fully informed they arranged a special celebration Palestinian meal with a slideshow and talk for us.

On arrival we were greeted with a wonderful selection of starters – a meal in themselves! These ranged from Nan bread, humas, olives, salad and delicious yogurt with mint to little torpedo shaped beef and lamb sausages and many more delights. When we had reached the point of thinking ‘no more’ the main dish arrived. This is a traditional dish made of chicken and rice and spices. This had been cooked for hours and was tuned out rather like a jelly from a mould. This was delicious! All this was accompanied by wine!

We then took a pause to hear about the work of the Shepherds’ field YMCA among the Palestinians. Throughout the meal we had a rolling presentation of pictures of the Holy Land – places familiar to those who had been on pilgrimage. We now saw additional pictures showing people and the situations caused by the present political situation.

After this delicious sweets and a traditional desert were served. This was a wonderful occasion which really put into context for us the problems of the Palestinians and the good use made of our money.

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