Thursday, 8 August 2013

Churches Together Launch a Food Bank in Burgess Hill

Sadly  food poverty is spiralling out of control in our country, and Church Action on Poverty and Oxfam’s report ‘Walking the Breadline’  makes it plain that half a million people are dependent on emergency food aid and the number of people using them, on account of being too poor to afford food, has trebled in the past year to 500,000.

Burgess Hill have started an independent community based foodbank which was started by a group of ecumenically-minded Christians initially conceptualised by St. John’s Anglican Church and implemented by a group  including particularly St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Church, St. John’s and the local Methodist Church.  

There was a wonderful response from volunteers from the church communities and other voluntary groups (Rotary, the Lions and the British Legion) rapidly got involved and the foodbank has a partnership with the local Waitrose. 

If you would like more information on how Joe (St. Wilfrid’s), Fr. Kevin (St. John’s) and Alec (Methodist Church) started this independent community foodbank get in touch with Sue O’Brien, Mission & Unity Adviser at 

If you want to address the issues of social injustice (Walking the Breadline makes it clear that the single biggest cause of hunger in this country is the benefits system – delays in benefit payments, and now benefits sanctions) that have made us need foodbanks contact David Thomson, Diocesan Justice and Peace Adviser,

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