Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cricket Comes to the Vatican

Romereports.com reports: Helmet, bat, ball and gloves:crickets lovers can now find somewhere to play in the Vatican. Its Culture Department has created Saint Peter's Cricket Club, a team for priests and seminarians that want to keep batting the ball while staying in Rome. The idea, though, came from Australia's Ambassador to the Holy See.

Ambassador of Australia to the Holy See
“There are a significant number of seminarians and priests in Rome who are interested in playing cricket. Many of them have all played cricket.”

Vice secretary, Pontifical Council for Culture
“The coach will choose the best 11 players to play against other teams. Hopefully, they will be good enough. And if they lose, at least they will lose with honor.”

Cricket is very popular in the UK, but not in the rest of Europe. In fact, only foreigners play in Italy's national team. Saint Peter's Cricket Club will also depend on South Asian countries, like India, where the sport is widely played.

Vice secretary, Pontifical Council for Culture
“The Catholic Church is universal: in fact 'catholic' means 'universal.' Soccer plays a very important role in seminaries, but more than half of the world's population lives in Asia, the South and East of the world, and no one there plays soccer, but rather cricket. That's why cricket must be present in the formation of our priests and seminarians.”

The Australian Ambassador to the Holy See has great dreams for Saint Peter's Cricket Club: he hopes that someday the team will play against the team of the Church of England, and, why not, also against Muslim teams.

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