Monday, 21 October 2013

Pope: Change your Lifestyle to Halt World Hunger reports: The Pope believes that world hunger is one of the most serious challenges faced by humanity. Once again he has denounced the so called 'throw away society' that wastes food without a second thought. In a letter sent to the FAO's Director General, for 'World Food Day' the Pope gives a few recommendations.

He notes that one third of the global food production is lost because of waste. A trend that seems to be on the rise.

As a solution he recommends a change of lifestyle, including leaving excessive consumerismbehind along with the idea of achieving 'profits at all costs.'

The answer, he says, also lies in having an educational system that focuses on solidarity and dignity. He highlights that this very model is played out every day in the family, where one person cares for another, with respect.

It's this model that should be applied at a higher scale, since in essence the family is the nucleus of society.

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