Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Induction Dr. James Kilmartin as Head of Cardinal Newman Catholic School

Dr Kilmartin on right with Bishop Kieran and pupils from the school
On Thursday 19th September Dr. James Kilmartin was inducted as the fifth Head teacher of Cardinal Newman Catholic School. In a ceremony full of music and symbolism Dr. Kilmartin committed himself to working for a future in which the school would become known not only for its work in providing young people with an excellent education but also for its commitment to social justice and inclusion.

The opening bars of Elgar’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ set the tone for what was to be a vibrant, varied and moving celebration of Dr. Kilmartin’s vision for the school. The chapel was full as Bishop Kieran called in his homily for the new Head teacher to be an inspirational leader. As the choir sang For the Beauty of the Earth by John Rutter, eight groups, representing parents, students and other members of the wider school community created a tableau, designed and made by the  Design and Technology Department, which recreated the logo of the Catholic Year of Faith. The image of a shipits sails filled and its direction clear, formed a clear and powerful visual symbol of the school community moving forwards with confidence into the future. In his response to Bishop Kieran Dr. Kilmartin spoke of his sense of being both honoured and privileged to take on the leadership of the school and thanked those present for their help and support.

Soloist Paula OSullivan, a parent, sang La Vergine degli Angeli with a clarity and intensity which provided one of the most moving moments of the afternoon. The chapel echoed to the words of the final hymn, Praise to the Holiest in the Height, and then a reception in the school’s new dance studio provided an opportunity for further celebration of this important moment in the history of a unique and very special school community.

Story and picture from Peter Shears

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