Saturday, 23 November 2013

A&B Girl Wins National Prayer Writing Competition

Winner Erin with Bishop Kieran in Arundel Cathedral
Each year the Knights of St Columba hold a Prayer writing competition. This is a national competition with prayers being presented by pupils from across the country and is judged at the knight’s Supreme Council Meeting which took place in Glasgow at the end of October.

This year the theme of the prayer was “A prayer to the Holy Spirit for Guidance in Life”

For the first time this year 83 students from St Philip Howard Catholic High School, at the instigation of the Bognor Regis Council of Knights composed prayers to be entered for this competition. Two were selected from those and were then entered with a further 80 entries from across the country.

The outright winner was from St Philip Howard Catholic High School. Many congratulations go to Erin Glenys Wade.  She was presented with her certificate and prize money at Arundel Cathedral by Bishop Kieron after the Mass for deceased Knights which took place on Sunday 10 November. Erin was then invited by the Bishop to read her prayer to the congregation.

Read her prayer here:
A Prayer to the Holy Spirit for Guidance in Life
Dear the Lord above and the Son of God.
I pray to you for all the good and the bad;
Achievements, failures and even small worries.
I pray to you for everything and anything for I know you listen.
As I grow older, you stay.
As I follow my dreams, you support.
Even when I lose faith, you never stop loving me.
As I come forth to confirm,
I pray for your faith and support.
I pray that you will lead me onto the right path
I pray that with your help I will achieve happiness and be able to live my life.
After everything; obstacle, celebration, breakdown and cheer,
 I promise to keep my faith to you,
I promise to keep my love pure
I promise to never hold grudges.
And I promise to help others in times of need
For I know
That is what you would do.

Article and photo by Charles Yarham

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