Friday, 29 November 2013

New WHY? course from the Catholic Truth Society

New course from CTS
What would we say if we had three hours at most to explain the Catholic faith to someone who is unconvinced about the existence of God, knows almost nothing about Jesus Christ and has had never studied anything about the Church? To address this need, the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) has just published the WHY? course, written by Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Andrew Pinsent of Arundel and Brighton diocese, and with three short films produced by St Anthony Communications covering the questions, “Why God? Why Christ? Why the Church?” 

To present the truth with a certain spontaneity and freshness, these topics have been addressed on the course DVD by means of edited interviews of men and women of faith and knowledge, including many young people. The accompanying booklet contains transcripts, background information, and answers to sixty of the most difficult questions that people often ask, such as, “Why should I care if God exists or not? Hasn’t modern science shown that human beings are just clever animals? Why is Jesus Christ special, among the many ‘messiahs’ of humanity? Isn’t organised religion, including the Church, the source of much evil? Can’t I live a good life without going to Church?” By means of beautiful illustrations, the course book and films also convey a sense of the way in which the Catholic faith, dedicated to gathering humanity to heaven, has also contributed so much to the flourishing of life on earth.

The CTS hopes that this course will be a major new contribution to evangelization, apologetics, and catechesis. Others who might benefit include Catholics wanting refresher courses, parish and school discussion groups, those preparing for marriage, First Communion parents, and Confirmation groups. 
You can obtain copies from the Diocesan Bookshop.

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  1. The why course sounds worth checking out, just sent the link to my mom. Also, I thought I'd pass on, Teresa Tomeo's book "God's Bucketlist" which is a fun book that every Catholic should read to grow in Catholic practice. Here is the lilnk: