Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Farnham Fivers Lunches

First Fivers Lunch at Farnham
Great Fundraising idea from Farnham parish. Shilelagh Flanagan reports:
"As part of raising money for Saint Joan's refurbishment fund a new venture has been started, i.e. inviting members to a FIVERS LUNCH. This involves each host inviting 5 guests to a very simple lunch such as Bread And Cheese and Soup  - Asking for a suggested donation of £5 and, in turn, asking each guest to invite a further five guests to a similar meal. This creates a snowball effect and a good amount of money has to date, been raised.

The idea came, in these difficult times for us all moneywise, of doing something which would not demand too much -and an enthusiastic  launch began earlier this year. This first FIVERS LUNCH started things rolling with Cecilia Woelwarth, Sheilagh Flanagan, Anne Cheesman, Sheila Potter and Peny Hearn. Many thanks to those five concerned"

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