Sunday, 8 December 2013

Praying at Mass for the Holy Souls in Hailsham Parish

Fr Rory at Mass for the Holy Souls
Lorreta Fry from the St Wilfrid's Parish Breavement Team reports:
During the month of November, to commemorate the month of the Holy Souls, St Wilfrid’s Bereavement Team organised a Memorial Mass on 17th November, at 3.00pm in St Wilfrid’s Catholic Church, Hailsham.  Prior to this invitations had been sent out to bereaved parishioners and also to relatives who lived elsewhere but whose loved ones had contact with our church.  The event was advertised in the Parish newsletter and also to other churches in the Deanery, including Eastbourne. The Mass was celebrated By Fr. Rory Kelly assisted by Sophie Wake as Altar Server.  We were accompanied by Peter Robinson on the organ/keyboard.
During the service of prayer and liturgy all present were asked to come forward to light a candle and to write a message for their deceased loved ones on a small ‘heart-card’ which was then suspended on a branched ornament. These was left in  under the altar for the month  of November.  (Other parishioners subsequently added more during the remaining days.).

After the Mass all were invited to refreshments of tea, coffee, cakes, biscuits and ‘light bites’ in our rather small parish hall, the tables having been decked with flowers in vases.  During this time the Bereavement Care Team circulated and spoke to visitors and community, giving support where necessary. 
From the feed-back received from visitors and our members, it has been a recorded success and people expressed how it helped them and that they enjoyed the whole atmosphere.

So it is here, we in the Bereavement Team extend our thanks to all who attended and to all members who helped in the event.  We thank Fr. Rory for his commitment and guidance.

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