Monday, 9 December 2013

Race Night - Parish Jockeys for Charity

'Horses' on the start line!
The 14th annual Race Night was held at St Thomas More’s Church Hall in Patcham, Brighton, on 12th October and £605 was raised for the Cabrini Children’s Society.

Tickets for the event were a modest £10 and included a glass of wine and a fish and chip supper. More than 50 racegoers packed the Hall and patrons could buy and name their own horse for an extra £5. Betting odds were calculated by computer and there was a rush to place bets before each of the evening’s six races began.

The horses may have been wooden but the jockeys certainly were not. Frankly, it was less Ascot, more wild west show, as the jockeys urged their steeds on, whooping and waving their caps. No-one fell off, although there was some gentle nudging, and the crowd was rather exuberant at times. Progress down the racetrack was decided by the roll of dice and the races were closely fought. The winning owners were awarded a certificate and bottle of celebratory bubbly.

It was a fun evening and a marvelous example of what ingenuity, a little craft skill, imagination, dedicated volunteers and a lot of hard work can achieve. Congratulation to Peter and Jo Cropp and their colleagues from St. Thomas More Church.

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