Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Marriage Care brings guidance to newly engaged couples in Crawley

With the rise of engagements over the festive season; Marriage Care offers Marriage Preparatory courses in DABCEC, 4 Southgate Drive Crawley RH10 6RP. It is offered to all couples getting married in the year of 2014, around Sussex and Surrey. Marriage Care also offers support to those people who have had relationship difficulties over the Christmas and New Year.

According to Brides Magazine, the most popular month to propose is December with 18% of couples getting engaged within this time. According to the Office for National Statistics between 75 and 80% of couples live together prior to getting married; this is recognised by Marriage Care as part of normality and courses are allowable for people in different situations. Marriage Care accepts that this is the normality in today’s society. The actual figure for Catholic’s marrying is 3.5% whereas 50 years ago it was 12.3%; this shows that there is a decline in marriage in Catholic Churches.

Marriage Preparatory Course Facilitators often have the situation where one person is Catholic and the other is non-Catholic and caters for couples in this situation. Most of the Marriage Preparatory course uses scientific theories alongside tried and tested methods to help couples prepare themselves for lifelong marriage and the future issues that can occur.

Keith Henesey, the Head of Centre says that “Many of our couples are very intrigued to find that our course content uses a relationship model designed to question the couple’s ability to deal with upcoming issues during a marriage. Also Catholic content is also contained so the couples are able to see how the Catholic Church Marriage Sacrament says that the couple are giving themselves 100% to the other person and are prepared to follow God’s values”

You can find Marriage Preparatory Course Dates for the Crawley area in 2014 and elsewhere here.

If you are getting married in the next year and would like to attend a marriage preparatory course, please call 0800 389 3801 or visit www.marriagecare.co.uk to book your course.

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