Monday, 13 January 2014

Match of the Day (Year!)

Many thanks!
Match of the Day or rather Match of theYear:
No we're not talking football, we're talking about the amazing result of the Lent 2012 CAFOD - UK Government matched funding initiative.

A truly inspiring amount of £18.6 million was raised by the simple method of the Government doubling your really generous donations. One major focus was on water and sanitation projects . We thought you'd like to know what was achieved with the money.

Lives have been changed from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe but let's look at a couple of very specific achievements.

In Zimbabwe, community volunteers have helped to dig an 11km trench for a water pipeline and a dam which provides much-needed water for a hospital and a school. “If this dam dries up, the hospital and the school are going to be closed,” explained one of the village leaders working on the project. "We are coming here to do the work at the dam because we want to protect our natural resources for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.”

Rainwater is free and good to drink, yet often goes to waste because it’s hard to collect effectively. In South Sudan and Bangladesh we’ve installed tanks for homes, primary schools and secondary schools which collect and store rainwater. This means that over 3,000 pupils and 78 teachers now can access clean, safe water at school.

This is what CAFOD’s International Director Geoff O’Donoghue has to say. “Communities need water to drink, to stay healthy and to give to the animals they rely on to make a living. In the last eighteen months, we have been busy working with local organisations across Africa, Asia and Latin America, who are best placed to know the needs on the ground. Thanks to their hard work and ingenuity and your support, more of the world’s poorest people can now access clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene education.".

This was a match that both sides won - you the ever-generous givers and the world's ever-grateful disadvantaged.

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