Friday, 28 February 2014

Download Jesus for Lent

The Truth and Life app is a free download that has taken the award winning Truth & Life Dramatized New Testament audio and synchronized it at verse level to the RSV-CE Bible text. This amazing audio bring the word of God to life in this 22-hour audio production, complete with movie-quality sound effects and an original music score. This award-winning audio New Testament is endorsed with an Imprimatur from the Vatican and including a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI. Voiced by internationally-renowned actors including: Neal McDonough, Stacy Keach, Kristen Bell, Sean Astin, Michael York, Blair Underwood, Malcolm McDowell, Brian Cox, Julia Ormond, John Rhys-Davies and many more.

Key Features in the app:
. Complete text of RSV-CE synchronized with audio for the New Testament.
. Direct, instant access to any Bible verse, so you can hear and see the text instantly.
. Footnotes for all underlined words or people in the context.
. A built-in playlist to listen to the whole New Testament in just for 40 days or in Chronological order.
. Create your own playlist of verses.
. Remembers where you left off.
. Sleep timer
. Airplay support
. Support for headphone pause and play buttons
. Room to fit an entire 22 hours of audio on your iPhone/iPad.

Visit to download the App for FREE today!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bishop Blesses New Facilities in Haywards Heath School

Bishop Kieran with Pupils and Head Teacher Catherine Walker
On Friday 24th January St Joseph’s Catholic School in Haywards Heath welcomed The Right Reverend Kieran Conry, Bishop of Arundel and Brighton for the grand opening and blessing of their new Early Years buildings and library.

Two new Reception classrooms, and two new Year One classrooms were blessed by the Bishop. The new buildings also include a fully equipped library and ICT suite, and outside all-weather learning space and equipment for the Early Years children.

The programme of events started with a school assembly, where each class told their own story of why St Joseph’s was so important to them, through their learning and friendships. This was followed by a tour of the school and then a question and answer session for the Bishop with the School Council.

During the assembly Bishop Kieran asked the children what made the school so special to them, and there were many stories from children including one boys telling of starting St Joseph’s with no spoken English and being nurtured and guided by the school to being fully fluent, children praising their wonderful teachers and a few ‘we just like playtime’ the very young students, which caused much amusement to all!

Head teacher Catherine Walker said “after a year’s building works the Early Year’s classrooms are now in full use and the children are benefiting hugely from their fantastic facilities. We are extremely grateful to Bishop Kieran for coming to bless them and officially open them”.

The school has recently been named in the top 250 primary schools in the country in terms of the progress its pupils make.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Diamond Wedding Congratulations to one Diocesan Couple

Fr Chris Spain presents papal blessing to Nora and Peter

 Merstham residents, Nora and Peter Reade have been presented with a papal blessing as part of their Diamond Wedding Celebrations, a wonderful 60 years of marriage.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Pope Francis Creates 19 New Cardinals: Calls on them to Evangelize with Courage

Rome Reports says: There was an unexpected guest in this consistory. Benedict XVI attended his first public ceremony as Pope Emeritus, sitting in the front row of St. Peter's Basilica. Wearing his white coat, he stood out amid all the cardinals wearing red.

Pope Francis arrived a few minutes afterwards Breaking protocol, he walked over to Benedict XVI and hugged him.

Pietro Parolin, who serves as Secretary of State, and who is also among the 19 new cardinals, greeted Benedict XVI.

CARD. PIETRO PAROLIN, Holy See's Secretary of State:
"With the same affection and reverence, we greet our Pope Emeritus, His Holiness Benedict XVI. We're glad you're here with us.”

In his speech, the Pope outlined what the Church expects and needs from the new cardinals.

POPE FRANCIS: "The Church needs your courage, to proclaim the Gospel at all times, both in season and out of season, and to bear witness to the truth. The Church needs your compassion, especially at this time of pain and suffering for so many countries throughout the world.”

He also talked about those who are persecuted and discriminated against, because of their religious beliefs.

POPE FRANCIS: "The Church needs us to pray for them, so they may be firm in their faith and capable of responding to evil with good. May this prayer extend to all men and women who suffer from injustice because of their religious convictions.”

This marks the Pope's first consistory. Pope Francis blessed the new cardinals before placing the traditional red beretta over them. At first he seemed somewhat solemn then more relaxed.

Historically, since all Cardinals were in Rome, the Pope entrusted each one of them with a local Church in the Eternal City. That tradition still stands today. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Marco Aurelio Poli, was assigned the same parish Pope Francis had before he was elected.

From the Ivory Coast, Cardinal Jean-Pierre Kutwa came in a wheelchair, so the Pope walked over to him, to give him his beretta and ring.

With this ceremony, the number of Cardinal electors stands at 122. There are another 96 cardinals who are over the age of 80, meaning they can't vote in a conclave.

It wasn't just cardinals who attended the ceremony, Brazil's president, Dilma Rousseff was also there along with the President of Haiti Michel Martelly.

Even the music had some symbolism. For the first the Sistine Chapel choir sang along with the choir of Westminster Cathedral.

As the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Day of St. Peter's Chair, the Basilica was set up accordingly. The Chair of St. Peter, designed centuries ago byBernini, was surrounded with candles. And the statue of St. Peter stood amid the Basilica with papal vestments.

In fact, towards the end Pope Francis first thanked Benedict XVI for attending. Then he walked towards the statue of St. Peter and prayed before it for a few moments.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Pope Francis Meets with Engaged Couples

Pope Francis met with thousands of engaged couples on Valentine's Day last week.

It's the first meeting of its kind: Pope Francis met with more than 10,000 engaged couples out in St. Peter's Square.  Under the theme, 'Yes is Forever,' the Pope emphasized that engaged couples need to fully prepare for marriage. It's a commitment he said, that shouldn't be taken lightly.

"So what's love really about? Is it just a feeling or something psycho physical? Of course this is part of it, but that's not enough to build something solid.”

Engaged couples asked the Pope some questions, including how they should face the fear of making a life long commitment. From marriage to a family.

"You can't base your marriage on feelings that come and go. It has to be firm and strong, like a rock-just like God's love. Through this love, a family is born.”

The event included music, entertainment and plenty of excitement. Couples even gotring pillows for their big day.

Faith makes a marriage stronger, said the Pope. But being married in the Church, is not just about having a long marriage, but a quality marriage. Part of that means respecting one another and making decisions together.

"You have to learn to ask. Do you agree with this? Or Do you think we should do this? Should we plan something out? How should we educate our children? Would you like to go out tonight? So, by asking questions, you become part of each others life with courtesy.”

But part of marriage, he explained is forgiveness. One person needs to be willing to ask pardon and the other to forgive. It's not always simple, but prayer, he said, makes it a lot easier.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weybridge Reels for Wheels

There were no ‘wee cowerin timorous beasties’ at Weybridge Parish when the parish celebrated Burns Night with a charity ceilidh. We had the full works: the haggis was piped in, toasted with drams of the hard stuff, and addressed in the traditional manner. Over an excellent haggis-and-neeps supper we were entertained with songs and readings from the great Robbie Burns. Everyone then threw themselves enthusiastically into Strathspeys and reels, not least our Parish priest, Fr Con Foley. 

There was, of course, a point to these Caledonian capers - the money raised was split between various youth projects (and thank you to all the young people who helped make the evening such a success) and our new overseas parish charity, the Tamale Wheelchair project. Whether the polio-stricken and other injured beneficiaries in Ghana would have quite understood a Burns night supper is doubtful, but how wonderful that several wheelchairs will be funded from the proceeds.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Cobham School On the Run

Megan Coffey
A Cobham School leads the way in Surrey Schools AA Cross Country Championships as on Saturday 18th January in very muddy conditions Notre Dame School beat off 14 schools in the Surrey Schools cross country championships to lift the U11 title.

The Year 6 girls made a strong start from the off with Megan Coffey out in 4th position after the first corner. Megan ran a great race finishing in 3rd position overall with a supporting team of runners- Ella Diack, Annabel Simpson, Jessica McNally, Anna Gawander, Kayleigh Mengers and Tilly Jarvis-Smith finishing strongly to take the title for the team. Notre Dame’s three fastest; Megan, Annabel and Tilly will represent South East Schools Inter County Cross Country Meeting in March.

Not to be outdone, Notre Dame’s U10 team finished 4th, the Year 8 runners both finished in the top 20 and the Year 7 pair finished in the top half in their respective age groups.

Megan said "It was a difficult course with very muddy conditions. It was a really tough competition and I gave it my all. I was really chuffed when I heard the team won. I’m looking forward to representing Surrey in the U13 event in Essex on March 29th"

Friday, 14 February 2014

St Wilfrid's Catholic School Sporting Prowess

Under 13s St Wilfrid's Girsl Football 6-a-side Team
St Wilfrid’s Under 13 Girls Football Squad were runners up in N-Power South East Girls Cup
Following St Wilfrid's Under 13's recent success in the area 6-a-side tournament to represent Crawley Town in the N-Power Girls Cup, the team travelled to Oxford to play in the Regional Round. The other teams involved included Brentford, Swindon Town, Brighton, Bournemouth, Reading, Portsmouth and Oxford United.

The opening game was against Swindon Town which saw the team come out of the blocks quickly with Libby scoring a hat trick in the first half. Megan scored in the second half with Libby finishing off the 5-0 rout. The team went straight into the next group game against Brentford and again they started quickly with Megan scoring within 10 seconds! Chloe then scored a hat trick to put the team 2-0 up at the break. In the second half Emily and Nicole each scored before Brentford pulled 2 back but a 6-2 win meant they were through to the semi finals.

To complete the group the team experimented against Bournemouth but were put to the sword by a strong team who had three players that played for Hampshire and resulted in a 5-0 loss.

The two groups finished with Crawley Town vs. Reading in our semi final and Brighton v Bournemouth in the other, Brighton lost 3-0 to Bournemouth whilst we showed our true credentials with a 3-1 win over Reading, with Libby and Megan(2) scoring goals. Josie and Hannah at the back did not give Reading any clear chances as we physically matched our opponents.

The final was against Bournemouth and was another fantastic physical occasion where both teams were really battling for every ball. The team were exhausted from their previous confrontations and Bournemouth took the lead before Libby replied. There were many missed opportunities from both teams and Hollie made some good saves. A 1-1 draw at the end of 20 minutes showed how close the game was. In extra time a mistake led to Bournemouth taking the lead and whilst trying to attack and battle back a breakaway goal made it a 3-1 score line.

The girls did fantastically well throughout the day and their achievement in getting to the final and pushing the strongest team to the very end is certainly one to remember!

On Friday 17th January the girls were invited to a special celebration with Mr Ferry, Mr where he congratulated them on their hard work and achievements reminding them they were the second best football squad in South East England and how proud he was of them.

The squad consisted of Year 7 & 8 Students - Well done to all of them!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Catholic Internet Radio Station

Based at St John's Seminary, Wonersh you can listen to this new Catholic Internet Radio Station 24/7 on

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pope Francis: 'Being Christian without the Church doesn't make sense'

At a recent morning Mass, the Pope talked about what it really means to belong to the Church. He said being a Christian isn't just about being Baptized and then going about life on your own. Instead, he said, it's about being part of God's community and being part of the Church.

POPE FRANCIS: "Being Christian without the Church doesn't make sense. That's why the great Paul VI, said that the most absurd dichotomy is loving Christ without the Church. To listen to Christ, but not the Church. To be with Christ, but stay at the margins of the Church. It's not possible. It's an absurd dichotomy.”

Reflecting on today's readings, the Pope recommended following the example of King David, who accepted God's will even when he disagreed. For that to happen, explained the Pope, the humility is key.

SUMMARY OF POPE'S MASS (Source: Vatican Radio):
"Humility, faithfulness and prayer are the three signs of a Christian who belongs to the Church. That was the theme that Pope Francis chose for his homily at morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta on Thursday, urging his listeners to really "feel with the Church”.

"The Pope said the first fruit of our Baptism is to make us a part of the Church, a member of the people of God. Recalling the words of Pope Paul VI, he said it’s absurd to claim that we love Christ without the Church, that we listen to Christ but not the Church, that we are with Christ but on the margins of the Church. The Gospel message, Pope Francis said, comes to us through the Church and our path to holiness must be found within the Church."

"Speaking of the three pillars which underpin our sense of belonging to the Church, the Pope said the first is humility and the realization that the story of salvation does not start or end with us. A person who is not humble, he said, cannot feel with the Church but only feels what he or she desires. Instead, humility helps us understand that we are just a small part of the great people of God, that is following the way of the Lord."

"The second pillar, Pope Francis said, is faithfulness to the teachings and doctrine of the Church. Quoting again from his predecessor Paul VI, he said we receive the Gospel as a gift and we must pass that gift on to others in faithfulness, rather than seeing it as something that belongs to us."

"Thirdly, the Pope said, we must remember to pray with and for the Church in all parts of the world. Do we really pray for the Church, he asked, not just at daily Mass but also when we are at home? May the Lord help us, he concluded, to follow this path, to deepen our sense of belonging and feeling with the Church.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Meet Michael Gannon. The first person with Down Syndrome to work at a Vatican office

With the hustle and bustle of a news outlet, it's been business as usual at Vatican Radio... with one major exception.

MICHAEL GANNON - Vatican Radio Intern
"I absolutely love it here.”

His name is Michael Gannon. A Media Studies major from Ireland who landed a short, but intense internship at Vatican Radio.

MICHAEL GANNON - Vatican Radio Intern
"I work on the editing, the audio, the interviews.”

In two weeks, he's learned quite a bit. But his colleagues have also learned from him. The team says he poses questions they would never think of asking in an interview.

LINDA BORDONI - Vatican Radio, English Section
"He asked our head of programing, he asked him, 'What do you think God is really like' and then he asked him 'Do you pray'? He asks it in such a way that he gets a direct answer. He’s very to the point.”

Even though accommodations were made to welcome him, Michael already had some experience. He's done some acting, he's worked on an Irish tv channel and he's even authored a book titled, 'Straight Up, No Sugar.' Now, he's working on his second book.

MAY GANNON - Michael's Mother
"There are now possibilities for people with down syndrome that were certainly never there in 1980.”

LINDA BORDONI - Vatican Radio, English Section
"We’ll be messing with our e mail and his Word page is open, he’s writing his script for the day.”
Michael and his mom accomplished yet another goal, when they met Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square.

MICHAEL GANNON - Vatican Radio Intern
"He shook my hand, gave me a blessing and I said a few words to the Pope.”

MAY GANNON - Michael's Mother
"When he heard he was in Vatican Radio, you could see him stopping in his tracks and saying, ‘yes this is a good thing to do.”
As the first person with Down Syndrome to work at any Vatican office, the team says it's something positive all around. It has taught Michael a good lesson about giving your all.

Vatican Radio Intern - "Life is a great opportunity and you have to grab it and everything you have in your life.”
It's a lesson he has learned...and one that can be applied not just at Vatican Radio, but throughout life...

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Catholic center to prevent sex abuse moving to Rome permanently

Rome Reports says: 
Two years ago, the Center for Child Protection helped organize a symposium for Vatican institutions and congregations to set up guidelines in tackling sex abuse.

Based in Munich for the moment, the Center continues helping bishops conferences around the world come up with guidelines, as required by the Vatican. But their work has also expanded.

FR. HANS ZOLLNER, Director, Center for Child Protection (Gregorian University):
"The Church could become a front-runner in prevention work. But this means we have also to do what we can in honestly taking on the issues from the past. This is not a cover-up. We have to be very seriously, working on what faults, the mistakes the sins and the crimes committed by members of the Church in the past.”
Founded in 2010, the Center for Child Protection will finish its pilot stage this year. In doing, so they'll move to Rome's Gregorian University. The transfer will make it easier for them to reach out to bishops, congregations, or any groups traveling through the Eternal City.
The Center not only acts as a resource guide for Catholic groups, but they've also developed an e-learning program to help answer important questions about this thorny issue.

FR. HANS ZOLLNER, Director, Center for Child Protection (Gregorian University):
"How do I know that abuse is possibly going on? What do I have to do in those cases? To whom do I have to report? How do I deal with the possible victim? How do I deal with the perpetrator.”

Currently, more than 800 people are enrolled in the 30-hour e-learning program. The participants are in 11 countries that partnered with the Center for its pilot phase. There's been so much interest, that the Center had to stop taking requests due to limited space.

Yet, despite the fact that the attention on sex abuse prevention is focused on countries in North America and Europe, the center targets areas like Asia and Africa. The Church there continues growing rapidly, making prevention efforts even more important. But there are challenges.

FR. HANS ZOLLNER, Director, Center for Child Protection (Gregorian University):
"Sometimes you have also to consider that some of those countries are in very poor conditions at the moment. There is war going on a civil war or war between countries so they don't have much to think about those guidelines.”

In addition to their prevention programs, there could be more work up ahead. In December, Pope Francis approved the creation of a special commission to fight sex abuse and help out victims. As one of the leading groups within the Vatican on the matter, the Center for Child Protection could also play a key role in the commission.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Festival - Sunday 29 June 2014

Bishop Kieran at Diocesan Festival 2013
Bishop Kieran invites you to this second Diocesan Festival, linked to the Jubilee preparations. The first event was a great success with over 700 attending throughout the day. We hope even more will come to the event this year.

It will be a day for all the family with specials streams for young people, entertainment and fun for families along with an opportunity to explore the Scriptures through prayer, reflection and study. One of the key speakers will be Biblical Scholar Fr Adrian Graffy, author of the Take & Read series.

The day will climax with Holy Mass led by Bishop Kieran and to which all are welcome to attend.

Why not come for all or part of the day.

The festival will take place at St Wilfrid's Catholic School, Crawley. For more information contact:

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pray for Canon Jeff Scott and Fr Tom Mulvey RIP

Mgr Canon Jeffrey Hadyn Scott
You are asked to pray for the repose of the souls of  Mgr Canon Jeffrey (Jeff) Haydn Scott and Fr Thomas (Tom) Mulvey both priests of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton, who both died in retirement on Monday 3 February.

The funeral of Canon Jeff Scott will take place on Monday 17 February at 11.30am St Dunstan's, Woking with Reception of the body and Vigil the night before Sunday 16 February at 5pm in St Hugh of Linclon, Knaphill. He will be buried at St John's Seminary, Wonersh.

Fr Tom Mulvey's Funeral Mass will take place on Saturday 8 February at 11.30am at St Michael's, Castlepollard, Westmeath, Ireland.

May they both rest in peace.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Quick Journey through the Bible

Bible Study Day: As a useful complement to the Jubilee material on Divine Revelation, a further study day is being offered in the diocese which will help participants to gain an overview of the narrative history of the Bible from Creation to the beginnings of the Church. The day will use the ‘Great Adventure’ material with teaching input by DVD from Jeff Cavins, renowned Bible Teacher & Evangelist on 8th Feb in Horsham.

£15 cost to cover study materials.
To book a place contact David Wills on 01293 651157 or

Monday, 3 February 2014

Organists for the Future

Surrey Organists' Association, along with others in different parts of the country, is launching an Organ Student Scheme. We invite parishes to train their own organ students. We invite pianists of all ages to learn the organ. We are providing FREE taster lessons.

Nationally, fewer people are learning the organ and churches are having problems finding organists. It is a fine musical instrument, with a kaleidoscope of different sounds and contrasting repertoire. No two organs are quite the same.

Two major outreach events take place in March as part of the Scheme’s launch, supported by Surrey, North Hampshire and the national Organists’ Associations:

‘PLAY THE ORGAN!’ Day for Schools on Friday 14 March at Guildford United Reformed Church GU2 4BS with separate sessions morning and afternoon led by Simon Williams from the Royal College of Organists. He has experience of doing this all over the country.

‘PLAY THE ORGAN!’ Day for All on Saturday 15 March 11am-4pm at St Mary’s Church, Guildford GU1 3UA. Mini-recitals by students on the hour. Demo model pipe organ. Demo pipeless organ. Refreshments. Organists on hand to chat to. FINALE RECITAL 4-4.45 pm by international organist, Philip Scriven. Admission free to Organ Day; £5 (Students free) to recital.

These events are part of the Guildford Spring Music Festival Organ Series – four days of concerts showcasing the organ from Handel Organ Concertos with strings to Romantic and modern works.

There will be a further event in October to emphasise the ongoing legacy of support to the outreach. Experience from schemes that are up and running shows how advertising them can recruit pianists from unexpected sources to learn this marvellous instrument and play it to accompany services.

For more information go to or


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lets Go in Farnham - Catholic Charity reaching out

Colin Andrews being given a cheque for £500 by Melanie Feibusch of Arcaid
Just before Christmas ARCAID a charity, based at St. Joan of Arc’s Church, Farnham, had their Annual General Meeting followed by a most interesting talk given by Colin Andrews about the Tiyeni Fund which operates in Northern Malawi.

The purpose of the fund (Tiyeni means “Lets Go”) is to demonstrate good farming practices to prevent devastating soil erosion and encourage better crops. Villages are encouraged to apply for help from the fund which then sends in trained people to show the villages how to proceed. Also seed and tools are provided so that they have all they need to get started – no money is given.

The fund also supports students at schools and colleges. Malawi (you may remember it as Nyasaland) is one of the poorest, but one of the friendliest countries in the world. Arcaid has supported the fund and the photograph shows Colin being presented with a cheque for £500 for the fund by ARCAID Treasurer Melanie Feibusch.

ARCAID is a small independent overseas aid charity which works with trustworthy agents to bring help to those who need it. It's modest size allows all running costs to be absorbed by it's committee, so every penny goes directly to those in need. To find out more about ARCAID please take a look at the website.

Suggested Photo Caption:

Saturday, 1 February 2014

English Martyrs School Goring Celebrates 40 Years

Bishop Kieran with Ron Noakes, Chair of Governors, Worthing Mayor and Mayoress (and her dog)
plus School Head, Sue Harrison and 2 pupils holding the silver birch seed pot
Just before Christmas Bishop Kieran celebrated Mass at English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, Worthing, on 4th December, 40 years to the day that the then Bishop of Arundel, the Right Reverend Michael Bowen, opened the school. The Mayor and Mayoress of Worthing also attended the Mass. A Silver Birch tree seed from Buckingham Palace was planted in a pot.

Once the seed has grown into a sapling the Bishop will return to plant it in the school grounds. The Bishop will also be returning to the school in the Spring term to officially open their new library and research centre to commemorate their 40th Anniversary.