Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weybridge Reels for Wheels

There were no ‘wee cowerin timorous beasties’ at Weybridge Parish when the parish celebrated Burns Night with a charity ceilidh. We had the full works: the haggis was piped in, toasted with drams of the hard stuff, and addressed in the traditional manner. Over an excellent haggis-and-neeps supper we were entertained with songs and readings from the great Robbie Burns. Everyone then threw themselves enthusiastically into Strathspeys and reels, not least our Parish priest, Fr Con Foley. 

There was, of course, a point to these Caledonian capers - the money raised was split between various youth projects (and thank you to all the young people who helped make the evening such a success) and our new overseas parish charity, the Tamale Wheelchair project. Whether the polio-stricken and other injured beneficiaries in Ghana would have quite understood a Burns night supper is doubtful, but how wonderful that several wheelchairs will be funded from the proceeds.

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